Treat of the Week Giveaway: the Real Meat Company

the Mama is picky as woof.

Not when it comes to what she feeds herself. the Mama will eat whatever is easy. I’ve seen that lady hoover a bagful of McCrap that even I wouldn’t eat in 2 minutes flat. No no, she’s isn’t picky about her; She is picky about me.

There is a lot of gross stuff in dog treats!

I guess I’m a very lucky pup because I have the Mama to use as slave labour to make my treats, but we know not every doggy is that lucky. One of our Kol’s Notes missions this year is to sniff out all the best treats and report back here.The Real Meat Company is the real deal.

We are so impressed by these tasty treats. More than just a clever name, the Real Meat Company makes treats that are 95% what every dog wants. Meat. **drools** I love meat. Not jut any meat. These treats are the good stuff: free-range, humanely raised, hormone & antibiotic-free; all from farms in the US, New Zealand and Australia. The fish is deep sea caught in the South Pacific.

The meat is processed gently to remove the moisture without removing the nutrients. These meaty morsels are artificial preservative free and they contain absolutely no artificial colours or flavours. These treats are tasty as the ones Mama makes. They even make them for kittehs. 

Great for pups with allergies.

The thing that caught my eye about the Real Meat Company is their selection. They have a ton of tasty meaty treats in great flavours; venison, chicken & venison, beef & venison, beef, lamb liver and lamb. In addition to their Jerky Treats, they also have dried lung and dried heart treats. I am really excited about their new Wild Boar  heart and liver treats. Since the Felix has wretched allergies, he needs to have tasty treats that won’t make him itchy as Woof! Wild boar is a great novel protein and even the Felix can have it. Jackpot!

Rock My World!

I think that by far, the coolest product in the Real Meat Company’s store is the Real Meat Food Seasoning. It rocks my world, big time. A mix of all the Real Meat Company’s tasty flavours, the food shaker is designed to be sprinkled over your kibbles, but here at Casa de Kolchak we see more than just that. We would use them as the flavouring on Lean & Green Treats or like a chip flavouring on our Veggie Chip. Sprinkle it over steamed veggies to entice Fido to snack on those instead of junk food. The possibilities are endless.

They make food too.
Seriously! The Real Meat company has a dehydrated food that is 90% real meet. Dehydrated foods are a great alternative to a regular kibble.

We want to make YOU a believer!

The pups and the peeps at Casa de Kolchak give the Real Meat Company four very enthusiastic paws up. These meaty treats are sure to satisfy even the most discerning K9. We want you to try it for yourself and see what you think. the Real Meaty Company is helping us giveaway not one…not two but FIVE totally awesome gift packs of their tasty products. Each gift pack contains:

  • 6 – 4 oz. bags of their tasty Real Meat Treats (one in each flavour: Chicken & Venison, Free-Range Lamb, Free Range Venison, Free Range Beef, Fish & Venison, and Lamb Liver
  • 1 – 3 oz. Real Meat Food Topper
  • 9 – 1/2 oz. samples of the Real Meat Dog Food (three in each flavour: chicken, beef & lamb)

Sounds super awesome, right?? We are SO EXCITED for this one folks! To enter, leave a comment below telling us what your favourite thing about The Real Meat Cmpany or it’s treats is. You can also earn all sorts of bonus entries!

Just a reminder that you have to complete the Rafflecopter in order to claim your entries! 

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  1. anonumous says

    Nothing artificial pa-lease what a load of number 2 -if any one here has done thorough research you;d know there are names you don’t have to legally declare on labels like malamine and flavoured fat spray .Its hidden in all sorts of products in your baskets and aisles ! I just give the raw truth no lies or god would punish me .Home made is the best way to make sure its pure and natural-and the only reason people buy these instant treats is that frankly they have spare time and its a pets quick fix .That’s no way to go letting them slowly die .For the love of god don’t fall for no colours or flavours or all natural or the labels ..make your own !

  2. anonumous says

    If i wouldn’t let my dog die slowly from hidden things added but not on labels than why should yours have to suffer !!

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