What a Scamp!

No! Not me.
(Though apparently, the Mama says I am a scamp, as well. That Mama is a bit of a mouthpiece.) 
This is the Scamp I am talking about.
Ain’t he cute?
Mama says he’s got a winning smile. He looks bright and fun, with just a hint of mischief in there for good measure. That’s important in a puggle.
Lookit that face? He’s darling.
Scamp is an energetic one year old little boy available for adoption in Medfield, MA. He weighs 21 pounds and is as friendly as can be. 
He loves people, other dogs, toys and cats. He has an exuberant personality, very outgoing, confident and friendly. (um duh, he’s a puggle!)
He’s a hardworking puggle.
Scamp is working hard to learn not to jump on people, but he gets so excited he can hardly contain himself. He tends to pull on leash but a no-pull harness will take care of this. Scamp is house trained and does not spend much time in a crate. 
Scamp would make a terrific walking/jogging partner and would love the opportunity to play with other dogs. Scamp is curious and playful with cats. (He’s a brave puggle. The kittehs are terrifying!)
You should totally adopt him.
You know you wanna! To check out this little guy and find out how you can get your own puggle to snuggle, go to his Petfinder profile or visit the Forever Home Rescue website.
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