Weekly Woof: April 29, 2012

It’s time for your Weekly Woof: bits and barks from all over the interweb. 
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Kickin’ it with Koly 
what we’ve been up to at Kol’s Notes this week

I have discovered a new race of aliens and I even vanquished one. I think I am definitely living up to the Kolchak name. (Plus, there’s a punny song, a la I Still Want More Puppies-Style)
Carrots are good for you! Plus, they make ridiculously tasty cookies. Check out our recip for Carrot Cookie Dog Treats.
I am a very expressive occasion. I have a face for every occasion (and most of them are really cute!)
Save on Treats! Want to save 25% on US Made Jerky Treats?! Click here! Or how about saving a whopping 48% on low-odor bully sticks?! This week brought us some pretty hot treat deals, so get your now!
We’re making dehydrator dog treats! This week we woofed about dehydrating meaty dog treats in your oven or countertop dehydrator! Check back next week, as we’re going to keep woofing about more tasty treats like fruits, veggies and even cookies made in the dehydrator!
It’s hard to find good help. Now accepting applications for a new Mama. This one is stupid.
the Mac Daddy of puggles is available for adoption at the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. I like to think he’s staying in Koly’s Corner, but you never do know, eh?
Where’s Koly?
things I woofed when I wasn’t here
Over at PupLove, we’re making easy Chicken Chip Dog Treats! Don’t let the name fool you! These easy treats can be make with any kind of lean meat.
Over at that Facebook place, our friends at the Nyima Bakery are helping to raise money for the Valhalla Rescue’s Wheelchair fund. Four of their special rescue dogs need canine wheelchairs. Do you want to help?
Make a $30 donation to the wheelchair fund and Nyima Barkery will send your dog 2 doz. treats in a cute mug (Mugs may vary.) Check it out!
I french kissed the Mama. She was not as receptive as I imagined.
I need to get better at the Twitter, because I forgot it existed. Again. What’s your best Twitter tip? Tweet it to me @kolsnotes
I don’t know why I keep forgetting about Twitter, because every time I get on there awesome happens. Like that time, we decided to build a “model of Government” using all dogs. We’ve decided that Koly is a fascist, Elka is a Communist, Poodles are totally Switzerland, and that the No Dog About It Shelties are some sort of police state. What kind of leader would your dog be?
Over on Pinterest, the Mama pinned some stuff to our That Crazy Dog Lady board!
Today at Two Little Cavaliers, we’re sharing our dog friendly dinner recipe! Zucchini Noodles with Roast Red Pepper Sauce makes a yummy side dish for  pups and their people alike! Add chicken or chickpeas to make it a tasty meal! Pssssssst! While you’re there, American friends should totally enter their Kitchen Aid giveaway! Every great Dog Treat Chef needs a great mixer, right? ;0)
Woofs from the Web
Woof worthy posts from all over the interwebs
Major thanks to Dasher’s Window to Wellness for sharing this important link about household cleaners. Did you know that even some “green” cleaners are not great to use around your pets? Check it out to see the worst offenders (green or otherwise) that you might have in your home.
This post from Something Wagging had the Mama laughing out loud like a hyena. It was embarrassing, to be totally honest. Laugh it up and check out these Doggy Style Pick-Up Lines.
Are you worried about over-vaccinating your pets? The Vaccicheck system just might help! Head over to HoundGirl to learn more about this cool new testing system and how it can help.
Essential reading for pet owners: Learn Doggy CPR. Thanks to Affurmation for sharing these great videos on CPR.
This stunning photo took the Mama’s breath away. 
That Bunny is one beautiful girl. Check out the blog that goes with this picture to hear the great story that goes with the picture and learn where the magic happens.
What woof worthy posts did you read last week?
This week’s woof is brought to you by Georgia Little Pea and Little Dog on Long Leashes. (An ironic name for the blog, as I suspect Georgia is rather large – or should I say big boned? Oh you never do know.) Anyways, meet Georgia, her Typist and her Cushion as they take on the world!
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