K9 Kampers Let’s Hear You Woof!

It’s that time again!!
dog fitness camp
May 14 to June 14th, 2012 right here at kolchakpuggle.com
Time to get find and have FUN with Fido at Koly & Kelly’s K9 Kamp. ♫ Celebrate good times COME ON! ♪ It’s a celebration ♫ If you weren’t hanging out with us last October when the K9 Kamp fitness and fun got started, then you might not know what the woof we’re barking about. Just what is K9 Kamp?
K9 Kamp is a fun and interactive challenge that encourages us to get out and get active with our dogs.
We’ll share how to turn games like fetch or tug of war into a fun work out, suggest some tasty, healthy dog treat ideas and discover some great toys to help you and your dog get fit and stay fit together.
Join us as we explore how getting fit with Fido can be fun and help to strengthen the human-canine bond.
No registration required. Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world, challenges never take more than an hour – plus there are lots of great prizes to be won! (Psssssst! Our friends at Modern Dog Magazine have a surprise for anydoggy who completes all four weekly challenges!)
Do you want to join us?
You totally do! I can tell. If you’re not sure, just lean over and ask your dog if they want to go for a walk, play tug of war or get the ball. If they’re into that, they want to do K9 Kamp too!Want to check out the 2012 Kamp Challenges? Check out our K9 Kamp page for a full list and all the details!
We’re looking for a few good dogs!
Just like last year, we are going to be following a few plucky pups and their people as they tackle the challenges. Are you interested in becoming one of those bloggers? Email met at kolchakpuggle (at) gmail (dot) com for more information!
Just want to play along and have fun?
Check back Monday, May 14th to learn about our first challenge! We are woofing excited – and we hope you are too!
What activities do you hope we feature at K9 Kamp 2012?
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