Tasty Tuesday: Freshpet Turkey Bacon

Woofs, wags and apologies for the Tasty Tuesday Tardiness! the Mama (who is the worst blog assistant ever) may have locked herself out of my blog last night and she had to wait for the geeks to fix it for her. If I had a dollar for every time she screwed up, I’d be Top Dog.
I’m pretty sure bacon is one of Nature’s miracle foods.  Seriously, those humans always talk about “Superfoods”, well I tell ya, they have got to be talking about bacon when they woof like that. Bacon is the eighth wonder of the world. Once upon a time at Casa de Kolchak, the bacon flowed freely. Daddy snuck it to us off his plate, Nana actually cook an extra piece just for us pups and Mama? Mama watched with her judgey-face on. Mama decreed that there would be no more bacon for dogs at Casa de Kolchak.
She had good reason to be worried, the bacon isn’t exactly good for dogs. It’s fatty, calorie laden and it could even put your dog at risk for pancreatitis. It had to be banned, but really? What a sad sad world it would be if a pup didn’t get a bite of bacon every now & again?! Is Dog-Friendly Bacon even a thing? Ohmiwoof! YES IT IS! Check. It. Out:
Freshpet Dognation Turkey Bacon Treats for Dogs
Mama, sitting me this close to turkey bacon treats 
and practicing “OFF” is practically abusive.
Holy woof, you guys!
When Freshpet asked if we wanted to try their new Turkey bacon dog treats, I’ll admit I was skeptical. How the woof were they going to make turkey taste like bacon?! I just didn’t think it was possible, but I loved the idea. Mama was excited to learn more about it too.
It doesn’t take a canine genius to guess that the Mama is not a fan of artificial preservatives. Mama works hard to make sure the pups here at Casa de Kolchak eat good healthy foods. Lean meats, healthy veggies and only the very best treats. The Freshpet product was very appealing to the Mama for one important reason: it’s fresh food. the Mama is naturally very suspicious of any meat that doesn’t need refrigeration. The Mama wouldn’t chow on a steak after it spent a day or two on the counter and she just can’t see why she should make us do it. Everyone knows that food is better fresh. Freshpet foods and treats are just that: fresh.
These treats were made with real ingredients that the Mama can pronounce too! No grain, no “fillers”. Just good food, right from the fridge. Maybe too good.  These treats smell amazing similar to bacon. In fact, just the other day, the Mama threatened to steal a few strips of my Freshpet Turkey Bacon to make herself a BLT! How rude eh?! Paws off, you thieving woman. Great smell alone isn’t enough to make a doggy drool. Those treats had to be tasted and I couldn’t wait to get my paws on them.
Ohmiwoof, you guys. They are fantastic. 
I gobbled my first strip of Freshpet’s turkey bacon down in about 3 seconds. Then I prompted started throwing tricks to see what it was going to take to make that stingy Mama relinquish another piece. (The answer? 5 doggy push ups, 3 spins, 1 roll over, 1 very wiggly play dead and a Dance like a Trained Monkey trick.) I worked hard for that treat and I keep working hard every single time someone opens the fridge. The Mama says these treats are like magic. They can make me do anything.
Mama’s Note:  No seriously. The Casa de Kolchak dogs will drop everything for a piece of the Freshpet Turkey bacon. This weekend, Koly & Lu were wrassling like crazed hyenas and all I had to do was open the fridge door and I had two angelic pups sitting at my feet blinking at me with their big puggy eyes.
The nice folks at FreshPet even offered to let us have a giveaway to share their tasty product, but I dunno you guys! These treats might  be too good to share!
What do you think? Should we give some away?
Kol’s Note: Freshpet sent us two bags of Turkey Bacon in a super cool lunchbag cooler to try, plus they sent Mama a neato magnet kit to make Bacon Poetry (as seen above!) All opinions expressed in our post are 100% our own.
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