And then it rained on my face…

There are things you never consider when you decided to become a blogger.

A: That blogging is like a whole…thing. This isn’t just a diary. It’s so much more.
B: That someday someone is going to ask what you do and you’ll have to explain to them what it really means to be a “blogger”. They won’t understand.
C: That you’d make some pretty amazing friends along the way…even though you’ve never met them in “real life”.

Case and Point: My WordPress Migration

I’m not going to sugar coat it pups; It’s been a woofing nightmare. Shopping for a WordPress theme is like trying on pants. It’s awful. If you’re me, it even goes beyond that. If you’re me, you’ll pick a theme on a whim, spend a bajillion hours customizing it and then…realize it doesn’t work on the most recent version of WordPress and spend the rest of the night curled up in the fetal position, sobbing and shoving handfuls of cake in your mouth. (True story. Blogging has an ugly side, folks.)

Luckily, if you’re me, you also have an amazing friend, who also happens to be a web designer.

Even though AJ was jealous of my cake, she still very graciously asked what was wrong, listened to my rambley non-technical ramble about “the bones of my website” and jumped in with both feet to help. (Turns out, it wasn’t totally my suckiness either. We tossed around a whole lot of words I won’t allow Koly to repeat.) Without her, I’d still be a hot mess.

Can someone tell me why I didn’t just hire this girl before the sobbing started?

She’s crazy talented. PupLove always looks stylish. I love the design at Rescued Insanity. She knew exactly what I was trying to achieve. She was the clear choice for the job. It was only my big-headed sense of “I can do it” that had stopped me. Now that she’s on board, things are much better. I might get a new blog after all.

As if that wasn’t enough? She surprised me with this:

PupLove Design custom pet illustrations by Aj

And then it rained on my face.

Lookit the Felix’s little face! And Koly’s Teeth!! I don’t know what I did to deserve that. I don’t know how I could EVER thank her enough for holding my hand through this awful migration. I’m so glad to call her a friend.
Whether you’re a pet blogger or small business looking to upgrade your site or just a dog lover looking to immortalize their pets, I can’t say enough good things about working with Aj. Send her an email – you won’t regret it.




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