Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers Day 18: Freshpet Giveaway

113 Comments 17 December 2013

Kol's Notes Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers
Welcome to the Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers hosted by Kol’s Notes, Heart Like a Dog, My GBGV Life, My Brown Newfies & Bringing Up Bella.

Every day between now and December 24th, we’ll be giving away great prizes – plus every time you enter to win a daily prize, you’ll be entered to win our fabulous Grand Prize Package worth more than $800 featuring gifts from each of our 24 fantastic sponsors!


Today’s sponsor is Freshpet!

It’s no secret that Casa de Kolchak dogs are Freshpet fans. Their Dog Joy Turkey Bacon treats drive Kolchak wild. They once convinced me to undertake the crazy experiment of living without my fridge for a whole week (spoiler alert: It was awful and I don’t recommend it). Their Freshpet Vital food rolls are a staple here. We love to chop them into bits and use them for training bait. They even make a bake-at-home dog cookie, so that you can give your dogs fresh baked treats, even if you’re not a crazy dog baker like I am.

When I have Freshpet in my hand, I have my dogs undivided attention.

They love it because it tastes good, but let’s face it, I am a million times pickier than they are. I have some pretty high standards for what they’re allowed to eat. I like Freshpet because it’s gently cooked, made in the US and/or Canada (with glowing hearts, yo!) and I can feel good that I’m giving my boys locally made, locally sourced products. I like that Freshpet is made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives (which is why you can only find it in the Freshpet fridge). I eat fresh food, why wouldn’t I want to give my dogs the same thing?

My dogs deserve it and so do yours.

The Freshpet Elves have been hard at work making sure that this Christmas will be extra special for two lucky pups this year!

day18 - Copy

This month, Freshpet introduced a NEW fresh treat that they want Kol’s Notes readers to be among the FIRST to try: the Dog Joy Chicken Strips with Flaxseeds! For our Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers, Freshpet is giving away their…
All You Can Treat Gift Package!
Sure to get your pup’s tails wagging through the holidays, this package includes:
  • Yummy Freshpet Treats Made in the USA: Freshpet’s NEW Dog Joy Chicken Strips with Flaxseeds, Dog Joy Turkey Bacon, Dog Joy Ready to Bake Cookies, Dognation Chicken Treats and Dognation Beef Treats
  • On-the-Go Freshpet Cooler: Now you can bring our pup or kitty’s favorite Freshpet with you on the go with this collapsable cooler.
  • Freshpet T-Shirt: Fun, fresh t-shirts perfect for any pet lover, Freshpet set aside a few for Kol’s Notes readers
  • Freshpet Coupons: Freshpet knows budgets can be tight around the holidays, so they’ve included some coupons for their recipes as well
  • Personalized Freshpet Stocking: Freshpet wants to make sure your pup has his/her own stocking to hang from the mantle, too. The perfect place for Santa to put your pup’s gifts


Plus, they’re adding an “All You Can Treat” package to amazing grand prize, along with a custom pet portrait, custom printed pet wrapping paper, a wine lover’s gift set, a hand-crafted “I Love My Dog” necklace, a special gift basket full of goodies for you and your dog, a soft cotton leash & collar set, a gorgeous beaded bracelet with a paw and chef’s hat charm, a designer dog bowl, a $35 gift certificate for awesome handmade dog toys & accessories, a gift set of moose antler chews & treats, a gorgeous glass pet bowl, a dog lovers t shirt, the Game of Life Dogs Edition, a gift pack of earth friendly poop bags, two virtually indestructible dog toys, a collar with a snazzy bow tie and a food puzzle treat toy! Don’t forget! Every entry into today’s giveaway is also an entry into our fabulous grand prize!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Have you missed a few days of our Giveaway Advent Calendar? Don’t fret – you can go back and enter any giveaways you have missed! Click here to see the Calendar and enter! Come back every day until Dec. 24th to find great new prizes.

**DISCLOSURE: The Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers is a sponsored event. Companies have paid for inclusion and are providing all prizes. All product information was provided by the brands. Any opinions are expressed are the 100% genuine opinion of this blogger and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all the event hosts.

Jodi Chick

Jodi is a baker, crafter and dog mom hailing from beautiful Vancouver, BC. (That’s in Canada, eh?) When she's not making homemade dogs treats or creating crafts for dog lovers, she can be found reading, pinning all the things and eating a copious number of cookies.

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113 Comments so far

  1. jealoushe says:

    ooo can’t wait to enter this one!

  2. JoAnn Stancer says:

    That is a whole lot of goodness.

  3. Kelly Welsh says:

    Oooo Max loves there stuff almost as much as Patches likes to steal it from him!

  4. Jenna Z. says:

    Our dogs LOVE variety so this is a new type of food we haven’t tried!

  5. Jill C. says:

    Preservatives are bad, so Freshpet is a great alternative. My dogs would love to try this brand :)

  6. Cindi Decker says:

    So they can have some healthy treats and food.

  7. Gloria Walshver says:

    He deserves it for being the best.

  8. Erin Altman says:

    I have friends that use FreshPet for agility class treats and LOVE it!

  9. Steph B. says:

    We are always looking for good healthy foods to feed and train with. Freshpet sounds excellent, and we would love to give it a try!

  10. Barlee Creations says:

    Made in the USA, what more is there not to love!

  11. All Things Collie says:

    OMD – we would love to win this, can you imagine all the yummy treats!!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    If any doggy deserves these goodies it’s my Dexter. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

  13. Pamela | Something Wagging says:

    Honey eats Fresh Pet every day. It keeps her slender and her coat pretty. So why wouldn’t I want her treats to do the same thing?

  14. peggyfrezon says:

    I’d love to learn more about FreshPet and Kelly and Ike would love the treats.

  15. My dogs eat me out of house & home! i need some help! hahaha

  16. Lara says:

    My dog loves the Fresh Pet refrigerated treats! They are perfect for stuffing Kongs!

  17. Fini Christian says:

    Bailey will do anything for a treat!!! She’ll love these!

  18. Tammy Woodall says:

    My three fur-babies will Love the Freshpet Treats.

  19. HuskyCrazed says:

    Well to be honest I have never heard of fresh pet and would love to see what an it’s all about! Also would love a personalized stocking! ((Hugs)) from your husky pals at “love is being owned by a husky”

  20. beaglesbargains says:

    Yum! We love Freshpet! Luna tried some at BlogPaws and loved it!

  21. Dominique A. Balsoma says:

    I love the idea of giving Lacey something that is not full of preservatives I want to keep her a happy healthy pup for many years to come

  22. Kym Owens says:

    We want our dog, Rain, to be around for a long time. She brings our family such joy and really helps with my husband’s PTSD symptoms. Thank you for this opportunity!

  23. Samantha K. says:

    I would love to win this for my dog because he loves to try all kinds of new treats! He gets super excited and it’s very cute.

  24. Marquie says:

    I’m always looking for new preservative-free treats for Petal to try. She hasn’t tried Freshpet yet, but they sound like a great company! I love giving Petal fresh foods because I know they’re good for her and she really enjoys it.

  25. Lisa says:

    I have never tried Freshpet. I would like my pups to try it out.

  26. klcmaher says:

    I’ve heard that FreshPet is very good food. I’ve never gotten it before, but I would love for MaggieMae to try it out!

  27. Abby C says:

    I am sure my girls would love it!

  28. Amy Orvin says:

    I think my dogs would like to try this. That’s why I want to win.

  29. Valerie g says:

    Because I’ve heard good things about fresh pet and would love to try it

  30. Candice says:

    I am always looking for products that are more healthy for my dogs.

  31. Gary Armitage says:

    My chinese cresteds love Fresh Pet! I’d like to treat them to some of the other products!

  32. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I have miniature Dachshunds and have to watch that their treats aren’t fattening for them. These sound very healthy for them and I’m sure they’ll love them.

  33. Terri Mitchell says:

    Because I want to feed them real food and not crap in cans or hard, dry fake food.

  34. Aaron B says:

    I want to give my dog Freshpet because he loves it!

  35. ccrepressie says:

    My dog deserves something special, and Freshpet has really wonderful products.

    Charity S

  36. AnnP says:

    I want to give my dogs FreshPet for the vital and fresh nourishment necessary to keep them fit and healthy for many years to come.

  37. Tammy Darling says:

    I think it would be good for him!

  38. kristina says:

    Our shepherd/husky mix love your food and she steal it out the fridge and state to eat it, she will love to win it and it healthy food for pets

  39. Kelly Ann T says:

    My dogs love Fresh Pet. Today I heated it and they were so excited.

  40. Jenn says:

    Sookie loves Freshpet!

  41. SGilbert says:

    Because we have never tried Freshpet. I sure they would love to try FreshPet.

  42. Mallory H. says:

    Well, fresh says it all! Who wants stale ? ;)

  43. Joan Norkus says:

    Because my Frankie has food allergies and I can safely feed Fresh Pet because it is the closest to my ‘home made’ without my time!

  44. Daraya says:

    My pup Hazel loves treats and human food, so I think she would love some FreshPet items! :)

  45. Rebekah Ward says:

    I am all about fresh food. I feel that dogs deserve to eat “real” food, just as much as any species.

  46. Jessica @ Life with Duke says:

    We’d like to try it since it comes so highly recommended by you!

  47. Dawn Monroe says:

    Our dog is a little over weight thats why we want to go healthy.

  48. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I want my pets to have the best health possible, and as I’ve learned more about the various brands and types of food on the market, I’ve been trying to incorporate more and more healthy, fresh food into their diets.

  49. LyricInTime2803 says:

    This is my favorite day so far- I LOVE Freshpet! Turkey Bacon is hands down Shiloh’s favorite treat. Unfortunately it’s hard to find around here, so we stock up when we do find it.

  50. Well heck my reason is simple… did you see one of the t-shirts had a shih tzu on it? It must be a great yummy company to have a shih tzu on one of their shirts!!

  51. Darlene Carbajal says:

    Something new to try & he deserves this for being a good boy! :)

  52. ALANFAN44 says:

    iFresh Pet is my dogs very favorite food.Its really good healthy food and I love giving my 2 dogs the best.I know its made right here not very far from my home.Its all I feed them now

  53. Frankie and Ernie says:

    WE have never heard of this brand. We would Love to give it a try.

  54. Kyla Patton says:

    Luma and I would love to try fresh food. we already do a bit of fresh fruit and things, but I have heard this is really healthy for your pet! Thank you!

  55. Bellina Jacobs says:

    My dogs are family, so I enjoy gifting them, too!

  56. Paula says:

    My dogs are my world and do not know how I would live without them. One of my three dogs is almost 16 years old and Fresh Pet has increased her quality of life and I have been so pleased. My other two are young puppies and they have been on Fresh Pet since I acquired them, they so love their Fresh Pet.

  57. Emily says:

    I think it would be nice for Boomer and Dottie to try a new food that might be better for them than what they are currently eating.

  58. Patti J. says:

    These treats sound great – Willy would love to try them.

  59. Jill says:

    I think it would be nice to offer her some Fresh Pet treats!

  60. Cynthia Amber Downer says:

    everyone knows fresh foods are healthier. so is variety!

  61. Lifewithdesmond says:

    this is some high-quality stuff that i know desmond will actually like. it’s like trying to get a kid to eat veggies.

  62. Sydney says:

    When would my pup every turn down new treats? :)

  63. polaivar says:

    I love giving them the best of everything, especially when it comes to food and treats. We want them to be around for as long as possible, and I’m sure eating the best food will help them to do so!

  64. Lee Reid says:

    I have a very picky Mastiff and have not tried freshpet yet… I bet he’ll love them.

  65. Becki says:

    Interesting! Love to try these.

  66. Danielle E says:

    I think Wilson Would really enjoy it. I like to try different types of food and we have not tried Freshpet before

  67. Holly says:

    While my girls are not picky, and eat everything including the kitchen sink (really, they have taken stuff out of it already!) I try to watch what I intentionally feed them.

  68. Megan Phillips says:

    I want to give my dogs this because they could use some natural products and I like that these are good for them!

  69. Lindsay G says:

    I love spoiling my two girls, and that includes giving them things are are healthy for them!

  70. Ruckus the Eskie says:

    To provide a healthy diet and snack

  71. Tenacious Little Terrier says:

    I think my foster dog would really like it!

  72. Marianna says:

    My dog is a sweetie and she deserves the very best and a healthy diet – plus I’m hoping it would help with her gas problem! lol

  73. Denise Adams says:

    Great way for the dog to feel spoiled while I’m giving him something healthy

  74. Ioana Hampton says:

    I love the idea that they are freshly made and healthy dog treats!

  75. Jason Stanhouse says:

    i love giving my puppy treats

  76. Susan says:

    I want to give my dog the gift of Freshpet & fresh food because it is better for her and FreshPet is her favorite food.

  77. Brittany Phillips says:

    To give Spencer a healthy snack!

  78. Gretchen says:

    I like that its locally made/sourced in the US and Canada and that there aren’t preservatives

  79. sandy weinstein says:

    i like that it has no preservatives. it is healthy, and good for my girls

  80. Haopee says:

    Natural will always our best bet on prolonging our pet’s life… and Chooey wants some of those Chicken Strips.

  81. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Health snacks are the best! My dogs would love these:)

  82. Yvonne says:

    My dog LOVES this brand! I want to give them to her because ..well, I cannot say no to those pretty Vizsla eyes ;)

  83. Lisa F. says:

    Fresh Pet was the last meal my one dog got before I had to put him down. (My neighbor was feeding it.) My dogs would love to have it as a special treat.

  84. trublujo says:

    This would be a treat for my girl

  85. susitravl says:

    My dogs are my family and I want the best for them!

  86. hewella1 says:

    I know it is good for them.

  87. Kat, Holly & Bri says:

    They’re greedy little beasts, but even though they’ll eat just about anything I like to give them the good stuff. :)

  88. Kat E. says:

    I want to give my dog the gift of Freshpet & fresh food because there are no preservatives! So Important!

  89. Angela Cash says:

    I have transitioned my dog from commercial food to a more nutritious grain free kibble. I would now like to move to fresh food for her and FreshPet sounds like the ideal diet.

  90. K9 Bytes says:

    Rogue would love all of these nutritious treats.

  91. Caroline B says:

    I love to give my dogs the freshest and most natural treats :)

  92. sherry butcher says:

    my dog blackie did not get Christmas gifts this year and i was not home to keep him happy so this would be the best thing that could happen!

  93. Cassie Hayes says:

    Our dog is a big part of our family and since our daughter was born and in the hospital for so long he has not received as much love as he deserves. I would love to get this for our loving dog Philo.

  94. Kelley Caton says:

    I’m always looking for new and healthy goodies for my pups.

  95. Angela Tombazzi says:

    Our 2 dogs are very important to us and we only feed them the best food that we can find to ensure that they live long, healthy lives.

  96. says:

    My boys love to try new things and love surprises!

  97. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    we love to give our dog healthy snacks

  98. Holly Clark says:

    My dog would like to try something different I’m sure.

  99. clenna says:

    I love giving my dog new treats ans toys – she is my buddy.

  100. dh_jax says:

    I have eight dogs, three of which are rescues. I’m very particular about what they get to eat for food and treats. Due to all the recalls I will not use anything made in China or sourced from china. I love that this is “fresh” and made here too. I have bought the fresh pet rolls of food many times. Luckily my local store carries it! I don’t use it as food but rather for training or treat. I cut up the big roll into small slices and little chunks and package small amounts in baggies to use daily. My dogs love this stuff so I know they would love to try the treats as we have only tried the rolls so far. I love the little cooler, that would be great for taking their favorite treat with us. Thanks for the chance to win!

  101. Josephine D says:

    I like to give my pets the best food possible–so many foods are filled with ingredients that I want/need to avoid and I’m always on the lookout for foods/treats that are both healthy and tasty for the pups.

  102. rmanpr says:

    I think my dog deserves the best for his loyalty and friendship.

  103. minibea12 says:

    I like to give pets fresh and wholesome food. No fillers and made to provide pet food with good taste.

  104. Shelley P says:

    What a great package! I know my dogs would love to try the chicken strips and turkey bacon treats :) I want my dogs to eat a natural, healthy and fresh diet so they can stay healthy and active.

  105. Darleen says:

    I am always looking for these best and healthy treats and food I can give my dog. I’m sue he would love the great things in this package.

  106. I’ve seen FreshPet sold in stores, but have never tried it, so I’d like to give it a go with Riley!

  107. Kathryn says:

    I want to give this to our babies because I see them as members of the family and not a pet. Also the only kind of treats we give them are all natural

  108. Danielle Murgia says:

    We love freshpet! It is Sissy’s favorite but very expensive and sometimes our budget does not allow us to buy it as often as we’d like.

  109. Michelle S says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this for Sarah!


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