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Tasty Tuesday: Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

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I don’t want to brag, but living in Vancouver totally rocks.
I mean, it rocks in a normal day. Look around this place. Seriously Vancouver? Bravo. You clean up nice.  Other than the fact that it is ridiculously pretty in this city, Vancouver has a few other fab selling features that make us so proud to call it home.
British Columbians look forward to salmon season like we look forward to Easter & Christmas. 
Only salmon season is even better, because there’s no fat man to assault you while your Mama takes pictures like the dogforsaken Pupparazzi and you don’t have to worry that your great aunt will get you an itchy sweater or socks.
Salmon season is the highlight of the summer.

Today, the Mama caught a hot deal on a salmon. For only $7.00, she got a whole half a fish! Being the Mama that she is, she decided to make dog treats out of it. Why you ask? Well, something to do with it being tickled pink. I have no idea what that means, but I can’t imagine the fish was really all that thrilled to be brought home for our dinner, so I have to assume that the Mama was trying (and failing) to give pink salmon a fancy pants name. the Mama isn’t particularly fond of pink salmon, she says it’s a little weak on flavour and not even a very pretty colour. Whatevs, Mama. That fish looked tasty,

You can make all sorts of treats with half a fish!
It doesn’t even have to be a salmon! You can make these treats with whatever happens to be your local tasty and affordable fishy.
Fishy Fishy Fishies
~five ways to make tasty treats from our finned friends~
Never scaled or broken down a fish before? Don’t worry. Take chances, get messy, make mistakes! It’s super easy to do – and even if you do less than a tidy job, I promise your pup will be so swept away from the fishy delishy taste that they won’t even notice the butchering job. You can make all one treat – or you can make a little of each like we did!
You know, if Gordon Ramsey wanted to taste 
something in Hell’s Kitchen, the cooks would bark 
YES CHEF! not “go lay down, Koly”. Just sayin.
  • Pre-Heat oven to 350F (or make all these snacks in your dehydrator. Our NESCO makes these perfectly!)
  • Descale the fish. Scales are icky and hard and if left on the fishy, you could get one caught in your throat.
  • Cut the fish into 6″ sections (we got 4 sections out of our fish)
  • Using a sharp fish knife, carefully cut the skin away from the meat.

Tasty Treat #1: Skin Roll Ups

Like fruit roll ups, only better, ’cause they have fish skin. For extra fish skins, buddy up to your local butcher. If you’re real nice, he might save you the skins from when he trims the salmon steaks.
Take one of your sections of skin, cut it in half and roll it into a tube. Place on baking sheet. Repeat until skin is all rolled. Place in oven and back for 45 min to an hour, turning the rolls a couple of times. Skin should be crispy.
Tasty Treat #2: Very Vierd Skin Chips
Everytime the Mama calls these skin chips, she thinks of Goldmember in Austin Powers and his box of skin. That’s Vierd, right?
Cut the remaining skin sections into 1″ strips . Line a baking sheet or dehydrator trays with parchment paper and lay fish out flat. Place in oven and bake for approx. 45 min. Depending on how much meat was left on the skin, you may need to flip the fishy chips and let the other side dry out. Once dry, break into bite sized pieces.
Tasty Treat #3: Captain Crunchy Fish Bites
Take some of the meat of the fish and chop it into 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1/4″ chunks. Place on a drying rack in the oven or in a countertop dehydrator for 3 – 6 hours – or until salmon is dry and crunchy.
Treat #4: Slammin’ Salmon Chewies
A nice hearty chewy – all fishy & delishy!
Slice the fish meat into thick chunks. Ours were 2″ wide by 1″ thick and 6″ long. Place on a drying rack in the oven or in a countertop dehydrator for 3 – 6 hours or until salmon is well cooked and has a leathery “jerky” texture. Store in fridge in a sealed container.
Treat #5: Salmon Skinnies
For a delicious treat that won’t be too much, try salmon skinnies! 
If I smile pretty, I get a treat? FINE! 
Does this smile look forced to you??
Slice the fish into the thinnest strips you can. Place flat and spread out on a drying rack in the oven or in a counter top dehydrator for 2 – 4 hours or until the treats are completely dry.
**PUPDATE: Thank you to Crystal at My Life With Flyball Dogs for reminding me that not everyone knows about the dangers of Salmon Poisoning, particularly here in the Pacific Northwest. Due to a fluke found on the fish, it should NEVER be consumed raw and you always want to ensure it is cooked to a minimum temperature of 140F. To be safe, when working with salmon, I always use the highest setting on my dehydrator. If your dehydrators is not hot enough to ensure the fish meets the minimum internal temperature, then play it safe and dry these in the oven. SPD is nothing to goof around with, the symptoms are gastrointestinal distress, loss of appetite, fever, depression and enlarged lymph nodes and it can be fatal if left untreated.
If you could wish for fish, what kind of fish would you wish for? Salmon? Tuna? Whitefish? Do you have a favourite?
Tuesdays just got tastier! 
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Wednesday 4th of December 2013

AT what temperature do you cook the salmon skins?

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