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Post-Apocalypse Obedience

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Basic obedience is a must have for every dog.

Sure, having a dog trained in obedience is handy right now, in everyday life, but in a post-apocalyptic world, that obedience could save your pet’s life – and yours.

Here are our Need to Know Commands

COME – This one is just common sense. Everyone knows that dogs like to do things in their own time. Walk a bit. Sniff a bit. Snarf some garbage. It’s a dog’s way of life. Us dogs seem to be running on a different time clock than the humans. But in an apocalypse, your dog needs to know that COME means, “DANGER. Get your furry little butt over here, before that zombie feasts on your grey matter.”

STAY – You gotta know when to go and when to hide out right where you are. Your ability to stay hidden in one spot, just might save your life. Just like how they hid under the cars on The Walking Dead, your life might rely on your dog’s STAY skills if you happen to get surrounded by Walkers. 

HUSH/QUIET – or as we say here at Casa de Kolchak: CRAM IT! Zombies are attracted to sounds and shiny things. They’re like cats. Any sounds might bring them running. A barking dog is definitely going to attract some attention. Cram it and live.

OFF/LEAVE IT – (aka For Crap Sakes, Kolchak!) Let’s face it. Dog’s like to roll in, sniff around and gobble right up all sorts of disgusting smelly things. It’s ridiculous. And disgusting. And in a Zombie Apocalypse, incredibly dangerous. Teaching your dog not to eat Zombie flesh or chew on zombie bones is a great way to ensure your dog doesn’t become lunch while he’s trying to have lunch.

What commands do you think will be essential to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (or any other disaster)?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.