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Rub Me: the benefits of canine massage

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You’d never know it to look at her doughy arms, but my Mama gives an awesome massage.

All it takes is a few minutes of her hands on my fur and awwwwww, man! It’s like heaven. Doggy massage heaven. She’s got the touch.  You should ask her to rub your neck. It’ll rock your world.

We hiked like 96 bajillion miles recently. 

It’s K9 Kamp, right? You gotta go for the gold! Plus, that Mama of mine is kind of a sadistic wench. I think she actually tried to kill us. We’ll tell you all about it on Thursday during the Walking On Sunshine Challenge Blog Hop. All I can say is this: the day after, we all woke up feeling like our muscles had turned on us. Mama says we were all walking like we had sticks up our butts. It was not attractive.

I totally needed a massage.

OK, go on. Rub me now.

When it comes down to it, a massage is really just fancy petting, so chances are you’re already doing it. All you’ve got to be a little more deliberate to turn a session of petting into a massage. Mama even took a course, teaching her how to get all my good spots.

More than just a rub down.

Giving regular massages to your dog has a lot of benefits. Not only can it help with discomfort from exercise and muscle strain, it can help relieve joint pain. It increases circulation, reduces stress and promotes flexibility. Not only is massage a great, natural healing therapy, the time spent doing it has the power to cement the canine-human bond.

Humans who regularly give their dogs massages will also be more in tune with their dog’s body and better able to detect any changes, lumps or growths. That is a huge reason to learn all about massage, isn’t it??

Do you want to rub your dog the right way?

Here are some tips:

  • Respect your dog. Your dog’s body is full of complexity and different muscle groups. Applying too much pressure – or using the wrong technique in the wrong area can actually cause harm.
  • Always let your dog’s comfort be your guide. When they get fussy or restless, the massage should be over. It’s meant to be a positive experience.
  • Know your stuff. There are lots of courses you can take – or if that’s not an option, take the time to watch some read a book on Canine Massage and watch videos on canine massage and the correct techniques. Try checking out or this video series.
  • Keep it light and gentle. Any serious concerns or deep tissue massage is best left to the professionals.
  • Never massage a dog with a fever, infection or any lump or growth. Massage is not always the best course of action. If you believe your dog has anything at all other than an overworked muscle, consult a professional.
  • Use a healing touch. Sometimes, just laying a hand on a sore spot, with no pressure is all your dog is ready for. You’d be amazed just how much a simple touch can help.
I like heavy petting.
Awwww, yeah! That’s the spot!
Or massage or whatever you want to call it. I don’t speak human. All I’m saying is that I love it when the Mama takes the time to rub all my cares away.
I mean really, who doesn’t love a massage??

Want to learn more about the techniques you can use to massage your dog at home? Check out this great how to guide from K9 Kamp Sponsor Modern Dog Magazine.

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