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Walkin’ On Sunshine: K9 Kamp Challenge #1

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OMD, ohmidog you guys! It’s here! The first K9 Kamp Challenge is here!!

I am so excited to be woofing about the start of a whole new year of K9 Kamp. We’ve got four fresh, fun new challenges for you and all sorts of new fun and games to share. It’s so exciting! I could barely sleep last night! Are you ready? Are you READY?!
Koly’s got his sweatband and his game face on!! He’s Re
♫ I’m Walking on Sunshine ♪
♪Woooooo-oh oh oh♫
♫ And don’t it feel good? ♫

There are few things I enjoy in life more than a nice walk. Every dog owner knows that walking your dog is good for Fido’s health. Not only does it supply much needed exercise, but it’s also an opportunity to stimulate the mind and relieve boredom. There’s no substitute for getting out there and exploring the world with your dog. Most vets recommend walking at least 30 minutes per day to help keep your dog active and fit.
Let’s face it though: walking the same route every day is boooo-ring! 
There are only so many ways you can walk around your neighborhood and so many times that you can pee on the same bush before it all becomes a little over-played. There has got to be a way to spice our walks up!
Your challenge this week is to go for lots of walks.

I know what you’re thinking! “For some of us, getting out there and walking every day can be a real challenge!” 
I hear you! Life is always busy here at Casa de Kolchak too. It never seems like there are enough hours in a day and some days it seems impossible to get up and go for that walk! Hey – it’s called a K9 Kamp “Challenge” for a reason! Even if you can’t get our every single day, do your best. Maybe you’re busy on Monday, but you walk twice as far on Tuesday? Maybe you go for a few quick walks through out the day? Maybe you stay in on weeknights and hike on the weekends. Whatever your lifestyle, you can create a walking schedule to accommodate it. Even if you can’t get out every day, there are a lot of things you can do to make a simple walk into a real fitness routine. 

Check out some fun ways to push the boundaries of your walks:
  • Take it uphill. Find a neighborhood with lots of hills and walk your dog there. The hills add a new level of difficulty to your walk and it works completely different muscles than a walk on flat terrain.
  • Run Forrest, Run! Jog or run with your dog, instead of walking. Even if you can’t run your whole route, try alternating between running and walking and setting small goals, like running to the next stop sign or running until the end of the block.
  • Stairway to Heaven. Stairs are a great way to work on overall muscle toning and endurance, for you and your dog. Find a big stair case and climb away!
  • Interval Walking. Kick up the pace a bit and try interval walking. This simple trick is and easy way to add fitness into the every day. 
By always changing what you do on one of  your walks, it doesn’t give you or your dogs to get too bored with the fitness routine. It’s so much easier to stick to it when you aren’t bored with what you’re doing!

Need a bit more motivation?

On those nights when I just don’t feel like going for our walk, I’ll ask Kolchak if he thinks we should go for a walk. His excitement and enthusiasm are contagious. By the time he’s done wigglying around until after the conference.

Prizes and Praise!

Join us next Thursday as we host the K9 Kampers Blog Hop! We want to hear all about what you did to ramp up the excitement in your walks, how it went and anything you learned. Plus, we put the “wag” in Swag at K9 Kamp! You could win great prizes for completing the K9 Kamp challenges! Come back next Thursday to tell us all about it and enter to win our fabulous prizes!

So tell us: Do you walk your dog every day? What do you do to make a walk a little more athletic?

Did you complete this K9 Kamp Challenge?
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