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Fetch Friday: Naughty & Nice Edition

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Fetch Friday
It’s Fetch Friday! Time for a round up of pawesome pet products from all over the interwebs. Here’s what we’re loving this week:
1. Santa’s Workshop Zippy Burrow from Zippy Paws
Koly and Lu love any toy they can disassemble and I love any product that isn’t trash when they’re done pulling it apart. Stuff Santa and his elves into the workshop, the watch as your pet works to get them out again. At just $12.99, you can justify getting a dog house or a sheep pen for everyday, plus some cute holiday toys.
2. Naughty & Nice Leash from Up Country


This adorable leash and collar combo is perfect for pups like the Felix who are mostly nice, but have just a pinch of naughty in them to liven things up. Plus, Up Country leashes are always high quality, well made and abso-woofing-lutely adorable.
3. Naughty Puppy Treats from Black Pearl Bakery
Do you want to put coal in your dog’s stocking? (I’m looking at you Kolchak!) These adorable treats from Black Pearl Bakery are made with activated charcoal, which is safe to eat and helps absorb toxins. Activated charcoal treats are said to aid digestion, decrease bad breath and help combat poopsicle snackers.
These double sided plush toys are too cute! Whether you’re dog is feeling a little good or little bad or both, I bet they’re always ready to play! Get ’em for just $8.99 and Amazon will still ship them to you for Christmas.
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.