1. Shiloh’s favorite trick is spinning in a circle. Wager loves to touch everything with his paws- but I did, in fact, create a monster with that, lol.

  2. My favorite trick of Laika’s is “under” because it catches people off guard. I tell her “under” and she’ll walk through someones legs on command. Always a party favorite. I’m pretty sure her favorite is give me your paw though – since she seems to want to hold hands so often.

  3. My pack just knows the basic commands (sit, shake, etc.) but before my senior girl, Suki, started losing her hearing she only knew her commands in Japanese, and my deaf girl, Ran, knows her commands via hand signals.

  4. When my one dog wants something he’ll stand and stare at me. If I don’t notice him he’l make an arooo kind of sound so I’ll look at him. When I say ‘show mommy’ he’ll go straight to the bag that I keep their treats in and look back and forth at me and the bag. (or go to the door to go out to pee)

  5. Batman only knows Sit and Down and I’m teaching him stay not much really…but my cat Robin, he learn how to fetch 🙂

  6. We use tricks like “shake”, “southpaw” (lefty shake), and “bang” as focus games during class or at trials.

  7. Right now, I’m working on leaving when off leash – my dogs like to go munch on things and then not come back to me when called!

  8. My dog Ranger is very smart and knows lots of tricks but he hates to roll over so that’s the one I always work on him with.

  9. Coco is still pretty new to the family as a rescue so right now he sits. We’re still working on down. He understands off though thank goodness.

  10. We work on ‘touch’ in particular ‘touch the cat’. I will hold the cat at night when the dogs get their treats and I ask each one to touch the cat with their nose.

  11. We are working on teaching her to roll over. Her best trick is definitely down…so we can give her lots of belly rubs 😉

  12. lol LOVE IT! The touch command can actually be very useful for all sorts of things. It’s very easy to teach them to target with their nose and then transfer that “touch” to other objects whenever you want something cute. I think the one I had the most fun training ever was teaching my Peanut “bang!” where he would then immediately roll over and play dead. He loved training and was my fun little trick dog.

  13. i am trying to teach the 2 younger girls to do the same things my older gal does, lie down, stay, roll over and play dead, prance.

  14. My dog already knows shake a paw and other paw but I’m working on teaching her the words “Left” and “Right.”

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