DIY Live. Love. Bark. Scrapbook Page

I can divide my life up into two eras: the current era and the time before dogs.
In my life before dogs (B.D.) I did a lot of things. One of those thing was scrapbooking. I used to spend hours and hours poring over designer papers, sassy stickers and all sorts of embellishments. Forget those photo albums where you stick on the photos, a real scrapbook is a work of art.
If a scrapbook is a work of art and Kol is a piece of work, they’d make a great combo, don’t you think?
We’re so excited to be sharing our latest project with you!  My dogs are a such a huge part of my life. One of my big regrets is that I don’t have any really good pictures of my childhood pets and those I have a ruined from years of being tossed around in boxes and tacked up on pegboards. It’s time to honour the paws in my life with a scrapbook all of their own. We’re making a dog-themed scrapbook.
We’re going to make one page a month. The whole page will take less than an hour to put together and in no time at all, we’ll have out together a scrapbooked tribute to our furry friends. Won’t you join us and make a scrap book of your own?
Our first project is a Valentine’s Day page.
Here’s what you need:
1 – 12 x 12 sheet for your background, in the colour of your choice
1 – sheet widely patterned paper (optional)
1 – sheet white scrapbook paper
1 – sheet black scrapbook paper
acid free glue stick or repositionable scrapbook
letter stickers
I chose a bright punchy lime for my background. I always like to contrast sweet, traditional colours (like pinks) with a pop of fresh, fun, bright colours. I was lucky enough to find these great letter stickers (on sale too!) that have both the letter and the background, they work fabulous for a project like this. Don’t worry if you can only find regular letters though – you’re page will still be puggley perfect.
Cut 12 squares from the dark pink paper, just slightly larger than the outside of your letter stickers. Stick letter outline stickers to the dark pink cardstock.
If you only have letter stickers, you can still make this work! Cut out a square in the light pink, then a slighter larger square in the dark pink. Glue them together and place your letter in the center. Arrange the letters on your page to spell LIVE LOVE BARK.
I found this great card stock in a fun polka dot pattern, but you can use a pattern with any larger shape or you can cut circles out of your plain card stock. I chose to alternate my colours, to add a bit of interest to the page.
Cut out 1 medium circle and 4 little circles from black or white card stock. Arrange on your larger polka dots as paw prints. (Don’t fuss over making the circles perfectly round. The wobblier they are, the more character this cake will have.
Ensure that you are happy with the elements on the page and then glue all pieces to your background.
Then we need to create a photo space or two. (After all, what kind of scrapbook would this be if there were no dogs in it?!) Adding a pop of colour to your images helps draw the eye to the photo.
I decided to go with a triple layer background in a fan pattern. The corner felt a little naked, so I cut out a dark pink heart, then secured all the elements with glue.
I repeated the fan (just placed it in the opposite direction) to keep the page consistent.
Here it is! Our first page of our dog-themed scrapbook. Yaaaaaaay!

Not into creating this from scratch? Head over to the Love, Felix Etsy store where you can buy all the elements to make this page. Available in 8 1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12 page designs.

What do you like? Are there things you would do differently?
Are there any other scrappin’ pups or their people out there??
Are you making a doggy scrapboook? Are there any page themes you’d love to us tackle?




  1. dawn says

    That’s beautiful Jodi! Scrapbooking is something I never got into, mostly because of cost but what people can do with it has amazed me.

    Your blog looks great too!

    • KolchakPuggle says

      It can get REALLY pricey! I find that by watching the sales and doing one page at a time I can minimize it. When I was new to scrapping I used to spend around $10 per page, but now it’s down around $3 – $5. I found a great discount store online and I’m excited to announce that Kol’s Notes is their newest affiliate partner!

      At CreateforLess, you can get all the paper to do this page – and still have some left over to make another page for just $3.69. I linked to it in the post!

  2. Proud Bully Mom says

    I’m in search of some good beach ideas for my fur babies scrapbook. This is a great introduction to my book since the “Live, Laugh, Love” is one of my favorite lines and one i use quite often. This fits perfectly. We are divers who travel in a 35ft RV with our 4 Bull Terriers to the Keys and take them on the boats with us. They are very much a part of our lives and I’m so excited to get this idea up and running….Thank you!!!!


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