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Food Banks for Pets

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Today, a Facebook friend posted something on her wall that made the Mama’s eyes leak. She has been out of work for some time. She has tried to find a job, but positions are scare and she hasn’t received many calls back.

She isn’t wasting her time off though. Every day, all day long, she shares the story of animals who need help, who need homes and most of all, who need love. She tries to help the dgs in need, even when she isn’t able to help herself.

She’s in over her head. The rent is past due and the truck payments. The bills aren’t being paid and food is scarce. Today, she posted a plea, not for herself, but for her dogs. The dog food has run out and she needs help.

How many people are in this situation this holiday? How many people are thinking about letting their much loved pets go because the can no longer put kibble in the bowl?

To those struggling: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It took great courage for our friend to admit she needed help. If you could use an extra hand this Holiday, please do not suffer in silence. Many food banks also offer a pet food bank. There are many other organizations that are there to help. Please reach out and accept their assistance.

If you could use some help, please visit these links to find a pet food pantry in your area:

Save Our Pets National Food Bank Directory

Pets of the Homeless National Distribution Directory
*Please note this directory is for all pet food pantries, not just for the Homeless.

Pet Food Banks in Canada

If you are as lucky as I am this Holiday, please consider helping pets in need.

Find your local pet food bank on the lists above and make a donation.

This year we are asking that our friends do not send us cards and we will not be sending them out either. The Mama took the money we would have spent and donated it to our local pet food bank, Charlie’s Food Bank, here in Vancouver.

The only things on the Mama’s Christmas list are pet food, warm beds and other supplies for our local shelters.

The holidays are meant to be Merry & Bright. Let’s make sure they are.

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