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DIY Dog Treat Filled Ornaments

DIY Dog Treat Filled Ornaments

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Santa Clause is comin’ to town!

Holy woof, y’all! You guys know that the Mama is pretty much nutty over these holiday, eh?Just as soon as Remembrance Day (or Veteran’s Day for you American-like folk), passes, the Mama is all aflutter crafting, baking and generally making a mess.

She was it is this weekend with scissors and glue and all sorts of stuff. Look at what she made:


DIY Dog Treat Filled Ornaments


Holy woof you guys! It’s Christmas ornaments filled with dog treats. FILLED. It’s kind of awesome. Mama’s made a whole bunch of them to give away as gifts – and she’s making 24 super special ones just for us, as our new doggy treat Advent Calendar. **WOOF** Treats before breakfast? I’m so in. ALL. IN.

Do you want to make a dog treat filled ornament of your own? Here’s what you need:

  • Clear Plastic Christmas Ornaments (Buy ’em here) for gifts or Clear Plastic Press Together Ornaments (Get ’em on Amazon) for an Advent Calendar
  • Decorative Ribbon (Kol’s Note: Most craft stores have all the holiday ribbon up front, skip it! Head to the regular ribbon aisle, where you’ll find solid colours in sparkle, velvet and other finishes for half the cost.)
  • Scrapbook Paper, Stickers or other embellishments (like these felt shapes or these adorable miniature ornaments)
  • Crafters glue (Kol’s Note: Don’t cheap out. Get the good stuff)

You guys, this craft is silly easy. So so silly easy.

Wash the ornaments thoroughly and allow to dry. Fill the ornament with treats.

DIY Dog Treat Filled ORnaments

Nothing says “Merry Ho Ho” like a bunch of fish eyes staring at you, right? This one would make a *lovely* gag gift!

  • For Advent Ornaments, I would use a larger cookie, with a cute shape. Mama says she’s going to bake us some dog-centric gingerbread cookies, but you could absolutely buy treats to go in your Advent Calendar. Some of the high end dog bakeries have some really amazing ones and our friends at Cloudstar just introduced their Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits.

Once you’ve filled your ornaments, cut a length of ribbon, lightly coat with crafters glue and create a band around the centre of the ornament. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Embellish the ornament.

  • For gift ornaments, embellish with holiday shapes and stickers. I’m using these adorable mini ornaments.



  • For an Advent Calendar, cut shapes and numbers out of scrapbook paper. Let me tell you, cutting out those numbers is tedious and it took Mama for-ev-er. She’s slow.
To make your Advent Ornaments look unique and interesting, vary the shapes and paper colours you use.

To make your Advent Ornaments look unique and interesting, vary the shapes and paper colours you use.

These ornaments can an adorable gift for the dogs in your life or a fun daily tradition with your own dog.

The best part is that you can make them match whatever colours you love – traditional red & green, icy blue and silver or (my fav) bright punchy flourescents.

What colour is your holiday?

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Jennifer Kitchen

Monday 21st of November 2016

The ball of treats are very cute, I just have a question. I did read all the comments and I understand I can't put it on the tree, however, where else can I put it? If he sees a ball of treat anywhere, he's there! At 60 lbs and 6 months old, is there any interesting places I could put it? He's a good dog and will obey but it's a little sad for him to just look at, only one treat from the ball a day. Any other suggestions?


Monday 21st of November 2016

We hung ours on ornament hangers on the mantle and then used them as special treats around the tree. A friend hung hers on a wreath hook on the back of the door, and they got treats when they came in from their walk :)

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Kelly Ann T

Sunday 8th of December 2013

Our mom has a wooden advent calendar with the little drawers. Mom puts wrapped treats in the calendar or slips of paper for frozen or refrigerated treats. Mom says the ornaments are perfect for the gift exchange. She has the ornaments, and now she will fill them. Thank you for the great idea. Merry Christmas from Artie and Kouga.


Monday 25th of November 2013

Gosh, I don't understand how you don't have your own show on the food network by now. You are just so talented! I am going to write them a letter right now...


Tuesday 26th of November 2013

I heart you so hard. I would LOVE to turn this crazy place into a show someday.

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