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DIY Bathroom Bells for Dogs

DIY Bathroom Bells for Dogs

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Barking is how we dogs communicate.

I can’t walk into the living room and say “Yo, Mama! I want a snack and a walk pronto. Get off your lazy butt and make it happen.” Apparently, when they were giving out dog skillz, we didn’t rate high enough for speaking English, so we’re doomed to a life of random yapping and we have to hope our humans are savvy enough to pick up on what we want.

So, what happens when you’re saddled with a human that doesn’t “get” you?

Well, if you’re Felix you start spinning in circles in the middle of the room, randomly barking until the Mama worries you’ve gone off your rocker and starts wondering if you’ve entered your “second puppyhood”. If you’re me, you make the same sound over and over, with increasing desperation each time. DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU, MAMA?! We have to pee!

This whole barking thing is not working.

Besides, ever since we moved to this apartment place, Mama has been super fussy about the barking, as in, she doesn’t think we should do it. At all.  Ridiculous right? It’s like she actually believes the old adage “dogs should be seen and not heard”. Well, fine. FINE, MAMA. If making all nicey-nice with the neighbours is more important to you than making sure I get my potty breaks when I need them then that’s just great. You’re the worst. The ACTUAL WORST.

Luckily, my friend Brody’s Mom saved my tail with her latest Doggystyle DIY Project and there’s hope for Mama and me after all.





Behold, Bathroom Bells:


What a great idea you guys. I mean, on some level, obviously we knew these were a thing, but we never considered how woofing useful they could be for apartment dogs – or any dogs, really. Maybe you have one of those itty bitty humans having a nap or a human with migraines or whatever, I don’t know your life.  If you’re trying to keep barking to an absolute minimum, bathroom bells are a great way to communicate.



It’s a really simple idea. Instead of barking to go out, you teach your dog to jingle a set of bells hanging from the door. It’s much less grating than a shrill bark and the humans know exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a win, win. Plus, they’re super easy to make.

Here’s what you need:

1″ Grosgrain Ribbon

+ thread to match

6 – metal jingle bells

3 – key rings, 1″ or larger





Thread two bells on to each key ring.



Measure the distance from your door nob to the lowest place you want your bells to hang. Add 12 – 15″ to this measurement.




Fold over the bottom edge of the ribbon, creating a 1″ loop and sew it in place.






Measure up 6″ and fold another 1″ loop into the ribbon. Sew this loop in place. (If you choose, you thread a keyring with the bells onto the ribbon before you sew it, as shown in the picture, but I found it easier to sew it without the bells and add them later.)

Measure up another 6″ and repeat the last step.





Use the key ring to thread the bells onto the ribbon.

Held your bells up to the door to double check your length. If desired, you can trim your ribbon shorter.
At the end of the ribbon opposite the bells, fold a loop over to hang the bells by. If you have a traditional round door nob, this loop needs to be at least 9″ wide, in order to fit over the nob. If you have a lever handle, then you can make this loop smaller. Sew the loop in place.


Voila! It’s just that easy.


How do you tell your humans you need to go out?


Project submitted by: Brody & Candice

Brody’s Mom Candice is one of the coolest folks I know. Aside from loving Brody despite a TON of mischief, she’s also a Mom to two tiny humans. Somehow, she still finds time to make homemade biscuits for Brody and his friends, raise a woof load of money to help animals in need and volunteer at the Arizona Animal Welfare League. (Imagine just how much she could do if she didn’t waste time yakking to the Mama about zombies and princess necklaces!?)




Merry Christmas Mrs. Taleteller
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