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9 Must Have Handmade Halloween Finds for Dog Lovers

9 Must Have Handmade Halloween Finds for Dog Lovers

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I don’t want spook you, but I am obsessively, obnoxiously weirdly into Halloween.

It’s weird because I’m not a fan of the entire Autumn season. The crisp air doesn’t thrill me (though it’s totally Felix’s jam). The leaves falling does not spark any great joy in my heart. Fall means one thing here in Vancouver: the kick off of the long, wet rainy season. So my extreme love of Halloween and my dire hatred for the rain (and by extension, wet dog smell) is constantly at odds. It’s no surprise that my love of dogs tends to get mixed up with my loves of… anything else and as such, Halloween things for dog lovers get me reaching for my credit card.

Something about the wave of holidays, kicked off by Halloween, kicks me into shopping-mode.

I love shopping for unique, handmade products. Sure, it’s convenient to just run into your local chain store, but there’s something so lovely about buying products you know someone made with their own two hands. One of my favourite Fall things to do is grab a glass of wine, snuggle up with my dogs and browse the handmade section of Etsy. It would probably be faster if I just had my boss pay me in Etsy gift cards, TBH.


Lately, my favourites feed has been filling up with new Halloween releases from some of my favourite shoppings. Here are just a few things I’m crushing on right now:


1. Halloween Dachshunds Magnets by Silly Dog Magnets

I want to be the lady with the slick looking, ultra white clean kitchen that looks like it fell out of the pages of a magazine, but the truth is my kitchen looks like I imagine the inside of my brain does: scattered, messy and full of questionable things. I always have a million things on my fridge: recipes, shopping lists, articles I want to read. I’m a disaster, BUT having a lot hanging on my fridge means I get to indulge in a TON of really adorable dog fridge magnets, like this adorable daschunds in Halloween costumes.

2. Corgi Halloween Print Leggings from Inspired Dog Mom Boutique

::GASP:: Leggings are my go-to choice for lounging around the house and I DIED when I saw these amazing leggings for dog lovers. I have a bit of a thing for corgis and I’ve already ordered a pair of these corgis and cookies leggings, but now I feel like I pretty much have to have these Halloween Corgi leggings too. AND



3. Super Hero Dog Planner Clips by Sparkly Crafty Shop

Planner clips are like potato chips, I can’t have just one. I love being able to use cute, seasonal planner clips not just with my personal planner, but with my Best Life Pets memory planner too. These simple paper clip designs are simple, but adorable. I can’t decide which one I like best; in addition to the canine superhero, there is a puppy fairy princess and a mummified daschund. I may need all three.


4. Dog Skeleton Yard Decor by Metal Architect

As an apartment dweller, I am super missing my lawn right now. These dogs chasing a person skeleton cut outs are a hoot. I kind of want to rearrange them, stick a Chuck It in the person’s hand and make it look like a post-mortem game of fetch. Is that crazy?

5. Polymer Clay Halloween Dog Tags from Debra Halliday

I have a special spite against loud, jingly metals tags and so, when I recently discovered the comparative quiet delight of polymer clay dog tags, I was THRILLED. While these tags are a little more costly than disc of cheap, inscribed metal, the artistic value and ability to do something really unique is unmatched. I have a hardcore dog crush on these pumpkin dog tags, but there is also a ghost (with a crazy cool texture on it) and a sparkly black cat.


6. Zero the Dog Mask from a Heartly Craft

Fun fact: The Nightmare Before Christmas was the very first movie I ever saw alone in theatres. It was PG-13 and I had legit NO business being there without a parent, but I was absolutely enamoured by this dark and delightful world so unlike all the cartoons I had seen to that point. (gah, you can watch it RIGHT NOW on Amazon, I love how easy it is to stream things. Remember when you had to put on pants and go out to get a movie to watch?!) Not surprisingly, I’ve been Zero-obessed for quite some time as well. This is adorable and along with a white poncho makes a perfect, super simple Halloween costume.

7. Halloween Dog Stickers from Every Minute A Story


These don’t even need an explanation. The ridiculous amounts of cute speak for themselves. (ACK, the skeleton snuggling a puppy, you guys. I can’t.) You don’t even need to be a planner enthusiast; these stickers would be great to seal envelopes, on kid’s lunch bags or on student papers.


8. Zombie Punk Bow Tie from Paw Parade


OK, I’m so mad at myself right now. a few years ago, they had shoes in a similar print at a local store and I didn’t buy them. Now, I could have the shoes and the boys could have a matching dog bow ties and we would have looked amazeballs, but instead? I was a “responsible adult” and didn’t buy the shoes because I didn’t know when I would wear them and I have ALL THE REGRETS.


9. 80s & 90s Halloween Pug Prints by InkPug


OK, so I’m featuring these prints by InkPug even though there’s a clown there and even as a pug clown, it’s basically terrifying because I am a HUGE CRAZY Ridiculous fan of the 4 other pugs featured in the set. Dr. Frank’n’Furter Pug and Wednesday Pug are particularly delightful. I need these. Need ’em real bad.


You guys, I found so many things I loved on Etsy that this post could go on FOR DAYS. So far, my Halloween Hounds Etsy collection is three pages and growing all the time. You can check out the whole thing by clicking on the image below:


Do you have a fav find on Etsy that brings together your love of dogs and Halloween? I want to see it! Drop a link in the comments!


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Sunday 8th of October 2017

If we had a boy dog, Mom would have that bow tie already ordered, but we are girls, so no dice on that. The leggings are cute too, but for humans!


Sunday 8th of October 2017

I wonder if she could make it a hair bow?? You would ROCK that print, Emma!

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