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Free Printable Planner Stickers for Anyone Who Loves Dogs and Mermaids and Staying Home

Free Printable Planner Stickers for Anyone Who Loves Dogs and Mermaids and Staying Home

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I struggled for a long time to come up with a title for this post. For over a week, the draft was called “weird things Jodi loves that no one else will be interested in” and then I changed it to “my mind is a weird place”, but I ultimately settled on “free printable planner stickers for anyone who loves dogs and mermaids” because I couldn’t find a way to cram “introverts” in there as well.

This art which I purchased from Le Petit Market on etsy is so adorable. It’s been a favourite for a long time. I feel like the artist, Kimma, totally GETS ME.

Not my actual planner because I do. not. care. for rings. #TeamNeverRings BUT all the dog and bow stickers are my planner stickers, all available for free download.

Keeping a day planner isn’t just how I stay organized, it’s also an outlet for my feelings and a way to express myself creatively. I mean, I can’t really say to my boss “I don’t want to come in today. I’m just not feeling people.” but I CAN put a sticker that says “ugh” in my planner and I feel a little better about the whole thing. Plus, I think any day – even super busy ones filled with a lot of task I don’t really want to do seem more fun when there’s a cute sticker on it.

My for realsies planner featuring stickers from Paper…ish, Starfish & Frog, Bubba Bear Studios, Planner Bunny Press, Pen and Inked Studios, and Moore Ave.

I recently started using A6 dailies to manage the million things I need to get done every day that I don’t really schedule in advance. They’re tiny, cute and kind of perfect. They let me jot things down, but there’s not enough space to OVER plan. And they’re a great spot to add a little fun and character making my A6 TN prime real estate for dog stickers.

And I have a lot of dog stickers for my planner.

But these dog mermaid stickers might be some of my very favourites so far because they’re just so… wildly specific. You have to dogs, planners, mermaids and staying in. How wide of an audience can that be?!)

But based on the initial reaction when I sneaked these on social media, we all might have more in common than I thought. So, I’m excited to share these with you. These doggos are majestic as heck, there are puns and all my favourite colours. What’s not to love?

How do you decorate your planner? Are you a basics & functionals or fun & sass kind of planner?

Download the free printable dog mermaid planner stickers here.

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