Keep Clutter at Bay with a Dog Toy Rotation

Like a lot of dogs, Felix is involved in a passionate love affair with his toys.

Considering that he didn’t know how to play with toys when we adopted him, I’ve always found his genuine delight in his favourite stuffies incredibly endearing. I’m always on the look out for things that might thrill Felix and when I see one, whether it’s a super soft little toy or a giant stuffed dog, I just have to get it for him. Fe rarely destroys a toy, he just makes them crusty and spitty and gross. The don’t get wrecked though, which means that over the years, he’s accumulated quite the collection. In the old house, his favourite place to keep his toys was under the kitchen table. Here is the apartment, his toys have no designated “spot”. No, no, these days he prefers to keep his collection scattered all over our apartment.

As much as I love Felix and how happy his toys make him, I’m not cool with them being all over the place.

Do you recognize this yak? Reward offered to anyone who can find me a new, less dirty, much less stinky version.

Do you recognize this yak? Reward offered to anyone who can find me a new, less dirty, much less stinky version.

After all, exactly how many toys does a dog need? He can fit like one, maybe two, toys in his mouth at one time? If he tries, he can maybe lay on two or three more? If I was a stronger human, I might be able to purge the whole lot, save only the cherished few, like dirty, stinky yak and get rid of the rest. After all, there really is a shameful amount of toys in our house. We can’t possibly need them all, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Felix loves them. I love Felix. And so, the toys stay stay.  

In order to make us both happy, we’ve started a dog toy rotation.

Have you ever gotten fed up and started gathering up toys to throw away or donate, only to find that all of a sudden toys that have been long neglected are being grabbed and played with? Like humans, dogs can be over whelmed by too many choices and get bored with toys they’ve had a long time. To solve this problem and keep the house looking tidy, I gathered up all but a few of Felix’s toys. The rest were tucked away into our DIY Designer Toy Box (Well, most of them were. A few were boxed up in the craft room, but I’ve got my eye on this awesome bucket-turn-storage-ottoman that I’m dying to try my hand at.) Every few days, I gather up the toys and replace them with three different ones. Felix has a never ending supply of “new” toys and I have my uncluttered room.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that Felix enjoys his toys even more now. 

It seems like each day he is delighted with the new selection of toys. He plays with them more and his play is more jubilant and full of shenanigans. There are a couple staples that will hopefully never go away, like that awful dirty, stinky yak, but it seems that, at least when it comes to dog toys, less is more. Keep clutter at bay with a dog toy rotation.

 Do you rotate your dogs toys? Do they treats their “old friends” as new again each time you bring them out?





  1. Emma says

    Bailie is the only one that plays much with toys. Mom puts them all upstairs in our toy room. She leaves a couple downstairs but within a few days, they are all back downstairs. There are a few in the stuffie hospital for repair. When they come out again they are always like long lost friends!

  2. sandy weinstein says

    sometimes i rotate, but i have 3 girls and they all like different toys. someone walked into my house one day and asked me how many human kids i had, i said none, just 3 little 4 legged girls

    • KolchakPuggle says

      You totally can. LOL, in the lower left corner of the comment box, there is a picture option. I suspect that your pack is just as spoiled as mine.

  3. Jessica Rhae says

    I recently had the strength to get rid of the dog toys that Chester and Gretel didn’t really like or that were totally dead. I threw the wasted ones away but donated the ones that had barely been touched to a rescue. On another note, have you seen the new toy box that dispenses a treat every time they put one back?

  4. Kate Obrien says

    Neither Jack or Maggie play with toys much…Jack will on occasion, but Sally and Tino did all the time. Tino would regularly take his outside and scatter them around the yard. It was tough to purge and we had two big ‘toy boxes’. The rotation is a good idea…they like different ones for different things – sometimes Tino would stand there and dig through the toy box until he found just the right one for whatever mood it was he was in.

  5. Ruckus the Eskie says

    Hi Jodi, what’s your email? I can’t seem to find it on the website. Can you send me an email: ruckustheeskie at gmail dot com


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