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Kol’s Birthday Bash: Review My Birthday – SqueakBottles

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Y’all still with me?! Are you still having Birthday fun?!Didja talk your human into an extra treat or two in celebration of my birthday?! (You really should, I mean, it’s rude not to have a slice of birthday cake, right? RIGHT?!)

After those Koly-tinis, I needed a NAP! All this birthday is exhausting eh? But after that, I was ready and rarin’ to go again. So the Mama figured it might be time for another giftie 🙂
Booda SqueakBottles – the Penguin

We are a HUGE fans of waterbottle toys at our house.  I am a bit of an *ahem* destructo dog when it comes to stuffed toys. Ever since I was a pup, we have found that water bottle toys are by far the longest lasting and the heaviest used.

They have one flaw though. They don’t squeak. 

Until now. (*Koly drops into an awed silence*)

I love squeaky toys. Traditional stuffed toys don’t stand a chance against my super sharp puggle/vampire teeth. That is why the Mama was THRILLED when she discovered the SqueakBottles.
Squeak bottles are a cute plush sleeve that fits over a standard plastic water bottle. What makes them unique is the special squeak attachment that fits over the snout (??) of the bottle. For the first time ever, I can get a satisfying water bottle crunch AND the joy of a good loud SQUEAK!
The best part is that when the toy is all squeaked and crunched out, you just pull out the waterbottle and pop a new one in! Your toy is as GOOD. AS. NEW!

So what did we think? 

Four paws up! I was SO SURPRISED when I bit into it and it squeaked, but now I can’t get enough! I don’t know how great of a toy this would be for a really small dog, as the bottle might be too big for their mouth.

We give this toy 5 out of 5 paws!

How are you enjoying the party so far? Have you check out the pupcakes, the presents and our Giveaway from Hannah Baskets?! 
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