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K9 Kamp Challenge #2: Fetch it Yourself!

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We are delighted that you are joining us again this week for a new and exciting Koly & Kelly’s Fitness Challenge! This week we’re going to kick it up a notch, grab life by the balls and play some good old fashioned FETCH.

I like to Move It! Move It!
(you get MAJOR Koly Kool points if you get the reference. I’ll give you a hint: the Mama is not cool.)

Both our bodies and our dogs bodies are made to move. Think of how you feel after a long day at the office or lounging on the couch. Tired, sluggish, stiff, cramped and achey. Now, think of how you feel after a cardio work out. Your muscles are warm and you feel that work out “after-glow”, the blood is flowing and you should feel tired, but invigorated. Experts suggest that the body needs at least 20 minutes of vigorous cardio, 3 times a week and you need even more than that if your goal is weight loss.

Aside for kicking your entire body into high gear, cardio also helps to strengthen your heart & lungs, reduce stress, help relieve anxiety and depression, help you sleep better and increase your energy levels. Cardio is where that “runner’s high” really kicks in. So, let’s get high together at K9 Kamp! *ahem* High on cardio and fetch that is! I may live in British Columbia, but I do not partake in our provincial plant. I am only four years old for barking out loud. Not Cool, pups. Not cool. I’m high on cardiovascular exercise.

Your Challenge (should you choose to accept it) is to play Fetch for 60 minutes this week.

I don’t know what the human’s obessession with Fetch is. I mean really? They throw the ball, we chase the ball, we retrieve the ball and bring it back. What do they do as a thank you for all your hard work? Those nut jobs throw it again. Not cool Mama. Not. Cool. At K9 Kamp, we propose that the humans fetch it themselves! 
I recommend starting with a walk and a stretch to ensure you and your pup are ready for some hard-core cardio.
Grab your dog’s favourite fetch toy and head out to the yard or nearest open space. (the Mama and I like to play fetch with a ball.) It’s time to play with your ball!

Throw the ball. When your pup takes off after it, instead of standing still and doing whatever ridiculous thing it is you do while you wait for your dog to come back (I’m looking at you Mama, and that stupid iPhone!), I want you to race your dog to the ball. Even if your dog gets there first (and let’s face it, they will because we are far better at fetch than you are) run to the opposite end of the yard/field/park, call your dog back to you and retrieve the ball, so that you can throw it again. Play fetch with your dog, racing each other to the ball every throw. 

Is your dog not really a Fetch Fanatic?

No problem! First, make sure you’ve got them fetching the right item. Throwing a ball is no good, if your dog would really rather fetch a stick, a frisbee or even a stuffed toy! Still got a pup that is only lukewarm on fetch? No problem! I, Kolchak T Puggle, am actually not a huge fan of the game myself, but the Mama is sneaky, she made me chicken balls. They smell too good NOT to chase them! To make your own, a two tennis-style balls, appropriate to your dog’s size. With a sharp knife, cut a small slit in each side. Press small chicken chips into the slits, so a few fall into the ball and there is one just barely protruding out the side. Call your pup over, squeeze the ball a few times to give them a good smell, then throw it. Chase after them and have the pup bring it back. If your pup would rather play keep away, than fetch, no worries. I usually keep a spare chicken ball handy. Throw the first ball, race your dog to it, then throw the second ball. You dog will have to give up one ball in order to retrieve another, this way you always have a ball to throw and a ball to retrieve!
Not ready for 60 full minutes of fitness fun? Do you live on the face of the sun and have to exercise before dawn or after dusk?  Try splitting the 60 minute challenge up into smaller blocks so that it works for your fitness level and schedule. Kamp is easily split into:
  • 1 – 60 minute Session
  • 2 – 30 minute Sessions
  • 3 – 20 minute Sessions
  • 4 – 15 minute Sessions
Working out during the day under the hot a fire sun? Make sure you bring a water bottle for both you and for your pup!
Just getting started on a new fitness routine? Feeling a little out of shape? Start by jogging to meet your pet at the ball. Choose an area that is as flat as possible to play on. 
Want to kick it up a notch and really challenge yourself and your dog?  Try carrying a can of wet dog food in each hand as you run. I mean sure, you could use normal hand weights or wrist weights, but really? Where is the K9 Kamp fun in that?!) For dogs who need more of a challenge a Dog Pack weighted with water bottles adds some extra weight and helps burns some additional calories. Use a ChuckIT or other ball launcher to ensure your balls fly as far as they can and so you are running quite the distance to try to fetch it.

We put the WAG in SWAG, Baby! 

To get you motivated, our fabulous K9 Kamp sponsors have got more than $1000 in awesome prizes for us to give away!

We have a new and exciting prize package every single week, plus a Grand Prize Package (Check it Out!) that is Fabulous!

Here is what you can win this week!

(click on the sponsor’s name or logo to check out their website)
~*~Only completing the challenge and leaving a comment is necessary to enter.~*~
It is up to you how many or how few of the “bonus” entries you would like to enter! 
Rafflecopter will close TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th at MIDNIGHT EST.
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.