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K9 Kamp Final Challenge: Catch Me If You Can

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Holy Woof, Y’all! I just can’t believe it is the last week of K9 Kamp already!
the Mama’s aching muscles might be screaming otherwise, but to this puggle, it feels like it was just yesterday that we were woofing about how too many pets are overweight and starting the Walk It Off! Challenge. We think it is SO PAWESOME that so many pups and their peeps have joined in. This is your last chance everydoggy! We want the last week of K9 Kamp to be the BIGGEST WEEK YET! We hope that you will bark it from the rooftops and invite all your friends to get Fit with Fido at K9 Kamp!
We’ve Got Just One Challenge Left
Absolutely anyone can get fit with their dog, so our challenges have been designed to show everyone from those just starting out to those looking for a huge challenge just how to add Fido and fun to their workouts. We started with the basic walk, some fetch, some tug, some jumping fun. We’ve got another challenge for you, but this week, we’d also like you encourage you to revisit your favourite parts of past challenges. Did you and your dog LOVE Fetch? Were you a tugging team? K9 Kamp is all about fun, so make sure you spend at least some of your Kamp time this week doing what you loved!
With no further ado, it’s time to Catch Me If You Can!

There is nothing that I love more to do than to eat chase the Mama – and to be chased by her. In the days before I learned to Fetch, this was how the Mama and I got our exercise. We would romp and chase each other for what felt like hours (to the out of shape Mama). This game of tag was what first inspired the Mama to find more ways to stay fit together.
Let’s Kamp!
Grab your dog’s favourite toy and head out into the yard, out to the park or to your preferred kamping location! If you don’t have a great spot to kamp with your pup off leash, then get the longest leash or rope that you can find and kamp with leash in hand.
Using the toy as bait, start playing with your pup and entice them to chase you. Let your pup chase you across your kamping space. If they catch you, reward them with the toy, and start chasing them!
(**Modification for Kristine and Shiva at Rescued Insanity: Let’s face it – you’re never going to catch Shiva. Like ever. I don’t think Olympic Track Stars could catch Shiva. You might get lucky if she slows down to snarf garbage, but that’s about it. In your case, I would practice some off leash recall and periodically call her back, retrieve the toy and have her chase you. Nothing makes you run faster like a Shiva nipping at your heels!)
Catch Me If You Can is an ideal challenge to mix and match with our earlier challenges. When your pup catches you, that’s the ideal time for a little game of Tug of War! When you are all tugged out, Throw the toy and race your dog to it! Add some obstacles to your kamping area and jump over them as you race your dog around! As always, we recommend warming up and cooling down with a nice brisk walk.
Not ready for 60 full minutes of fitness fun? Do you live on the face of the sun and have to exercise before dawn or after dusk?  Try splitting the 60 minute challenge up into smaller blocks so that it works for your fitness level and schedule. Kamp is easily split into:
  • 1 – 60 minute Session
  • 2 – 30 minute Sessions
  • 3 – 20 minute Sessions
  • 4 – 15 minute Sessions
Working out during the day under the hot a fire sun? Make sure you bring a water bottle for both you and for your pup!
Just getting started on a new fitness routine? Feeling a little out of shape? Start by jogging instead of running. Take frequent breaks to play tug. Choose an area that is as flat as possible to play on.
Want to kick it up a notch and really challenge yourself and your dog?  Try carrying a can of wet dog food in each hand as you run. I mean sure, you could use normal hand weights or wrist weights, but really? Where is the K9 Kamp fun in that?!) For dogs who need more of a challenge a Dog Pack weighted with water bottles adds some extra weight and helps burns some additional calories.
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.