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I Gots the Cabin Fever

I Gots the Cabin Fever

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Puggle’s 30/30 Challenge Log: Day 21


After nearly three weeks, it should come as no surprise that we did not walk tonight. Or last night. Or most nights this week. As much as I would like to blame the Mama’s lack of emotional stability or Luda’s shenanigan’s, I can’t. It’s that female dog of whelping age, Mother Nature. I feel like she’s trying to keep me trapping in the house.

I’m in Cloud Nine. 


Yes.  I said ‘in’ a cloud. You see, it’s been foggy as woof at Casa de Kolchak. Every day. It’s foggy when I get up. It’s foggy when I go to bed. Worst of all,  it’s foggy when the Mama leaves me to go see that Job fellow and it’s foggy when he (finally!) lets her go home.
I don’t know about you pups, but I think it’s awfully rude that the Mama won’t give up her time with that Job guy to make sure I get a non-fogged out walk.

She’s been trying to make up for it with fun things to do in the house, but it’s just not the same as a walk.


I mean, I’ve already smelled pretty much all the smells in the house. Unless someone starts coming home smelling of a NEW smell, there aren’t many surprises there. Still, we’ve been having fun by:
  • Playing Tug of War – I love a rousing game of tug and it really does wear me out. Plus it gives the Mama something to work at. I’m freakishly strong and she’s one of those wimpy human girls. Um Mama, time to hit the gym. You’re going to need muscles like Popeye to compete with this Puggle.
  • Fetch! – Forget what you’re heard about not playing ball in the house. Hallways were MAD for fetching! You’ve just got to hope your human has a decent throwing arm – otherwise stuff could end up broken.
  • Hide and Smell – Like hide and seek, only tastier. Mama’s taken to hiding tasty snacks all over the living room and then I have to find them. Good thing it’s “Finder’s Keepers”. I gobble those treats down faster than you can say woof.

We sure could use some fresh games though. 

With Spring still months away, we’re going to need some new ways to have fun. I’ve already got the cabin fever! Hit me with your best shot pups!

What do you do for fun? Can I come?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.