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What’s Your Dog’s Snuggle Style

What’s Your Dog’s Snuggle Style

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While I was hangin’ with the wolf pack at BlogPaws, we got to talking about how different all of our dogs are.

I mean, sure, Kolchak and Felix have a whole lot in common: they’re small and black. They have white spots on their chin and their chest. They like good treats and…well…um, the similarities pretty much end there. Even though they might look alike on the surface, they’re actually very different. We’ve already talked about how they have very different diet needs. My dogs don’t eat the same food and that’s OK. I got to thinking about all the other ways my dogs are not at all alike. The case in point is their snuggle style.

Holy woof. They do not snuggle the same at all.


Felix is such a sweet boy, but man! He is a demanding snuggler. Seriously, that boy is high maintenance. He is what I like to call an “active” snuggler. You have to be actively engaged in snuggling him.

He demands your undivided attention and at least one hand petting, rubbing and otherwise rubbing on him.

He squirms and rolls and gets you hand exactly where he wants ’em.

You aren’t done snuggling until HE is done snuggling. Just try to stop. He’ll cut you. Well, maybe not cut you, but he will take his paw and paw at you until you resume your cuddling.

He knows he’s soft and adorable and he use it to his advantage. Snuggling him could be a full time job.

DSC00051Kolchak, on the other hand, is a passive snuggler. He doesn’t require anything from you other than physical contact. In fact, he’d prefer if you didn’t get all touchy feely with him.

All he wants is to lay next to you, snuggled up close, while you do whatever you do. He doesn’t want to be scratched or petted. He doesn’t want his fur to be ruffled. Don’t touch him. Just don’t.

He’ll choose to lay up against your lg or maybe to perch behind your neck, but he’ll choose it and you don’t get a say. If you start to get all handsy with  him, he’ll move so fast it will make your head spin.

He is the BEST blogging partner.  I can get so much done, while he is curled up beside me.

Just because they don’t snuggle the same, doesn’t mean I don’t love them the same.

Just because Felix needs my full attention and Kolchak prefers I be focused on something else doesn’t meant that one of them is getting the short end of the stick. It doesn’t mean that I enjoy spending time with one of them more. It just means that they want different things.

Remember, fair isn’t that everyone gets the same thing. 
Fair is that everyone gets what they need to thrive.

What is your dog’s snuggle style? Are your dogs alike or different?

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