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Easy, No Mess DIY Dog Treat Jar for Kids (and Grown Ups)

Easy, No Mess DIY Dog Treat Jar for Kids (and Grown Ups)

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Crafting with kids can be so much fun, but it can also be really messy and complicated. This easy DIY Dog Treat Jar project uses no glue, is easy for even the littlest crafter and looks adorable. It’s a great project for pint sized dog lovers, as a gift to welcome a new dog or as a fun way to involve little ones in the care of the family dog.


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There’s a new pup in the Casa de Kolchak family!

Well, kind of. I mean, he’s sure not living here and he’s not a close  relative, but look at how darn cute he is? How could I not want to claim him as a part of the family? He’s adoraballs! Look at those eyes! Besides, dogs have second cousins…right?


We knew we wanted to do a fun project to welcome Frank to fam, but we wanted to make sure it was a kid friendly craft, since Frank has a pair of little humans to love and adore him now. (All pugs should be so lucky, eh?) We knew that we had found exactly the thing, when we saw this on the Biskit’s Barkery Facebook page:

No Mess Kid's Craft DIY Dog Treat Jar

Holy woof, how cute is that?

It was made by our friend Jodi, at a dog friendly party she went to last summer using stick on letters, stickers and scrapbooking embellishments with glue. She said the hardest pat was making it while her dog Sydney pulled on the leash and her 2 year old daughter tried to eat the craft supplies! If she said it was easy while fighting those battles, imagine how eay it is without challenges! I knew that with a couple small changes (to eliminate the glue), these homemade dog treat jars could make an super easy, no mess craft for kids (or even for grown ups who don’t feel particularly crafty).

Here’s what you need to help your kid’s make this easy DIY Dog Treat Jar:

Supplies to make an easy DIY Dog Treat Jar

  • Glass Jar
  • Washi Tape
  • Sticker Letters
  • Dog – theme stickers
  • We love us some bling, so we picked up the little stick ’em jewels too
  • Treats

The key to making this craft easy and minimizing the mess is choosing embellishments that are already sticky, so you don’t have to use glue and battle sticky hands.


Once you have your supplies, the sky is the limit! Frank’s kids, AK and M-B did a fabulous job decorating custom treat jars for their Frank and for little cousin Luda too. They wrapped the Washi tape around the jars to create a pretty border, embellished the jars with adorable stickers and finished the jars off with Frank and Luda’s names. I think they had fun doing it too!

1896944_10152364105398816_713129374_n 1904000_10152364106403816_790384006_n

My favourite part? These girl’s know what’s what! Instead of filling their treat jar with fattening cookies or expensive store bought snacks, they headed to the fridge and sliced up a green pepper.


<3 These are girls after my own heart. Aren’t they the sweetest?? I’m so grateful the took time out of their busy day to help make this project and share it. Thank You AK & M-B!

Have you ever made a dog treat jar for your dog? How did it turn out?

Share your pictures in the comments and you might be featured on our Facebook page!



Jodi and Sydney

Major thanks to Jodi Warren Uhron and Sidney for sharing their treat jar and to Gretchen at Biskit’s Barkery for designing the project. You guys inspired a great afternoon of fun and crafting!



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Monday 24th of March 2014

Ooh, what a fun cute project! I keep meaning to make or get Elka a dog treat jar...

Kelley Caton

Sunday 23rd of March 2014

YEA! A project I could actually do. I am always amazed by your craftiness. BTW, I love your blog so much that I am giving you the “Sunshine Award” ( for details). I know I don’t comment much, but I really do read your stuff regularly! Thanks for always making me smile — Kelley

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