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DIY Outdoor Dog Toy Storage & Ottoman

DIY Outdoor Dog Toy Storage & Ottoman

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Yesterday we shared a picture of the little outdoor oasis I share with the dogs.

In case you missed it, you can check it out here. This is our first year without a yard and so I’ve gone out of my way to create a great dog-friendly space for me and the dogs to share. The deck is pretty much finished and we’re already spending a bunch of time out there.

It only needs a couple things before it’s DONE: Toy storage and a place to prop up my feet. 

Felix has this wretched habit of trying to drag every woofing toy he owns out onto the deck. I hate this. I get that he just wants to kick it with Dirty Stinky Yak on his fav outdoor dog bed, but the thing is, he doesn’t just bring his toys out there, he leaves them out there. Then they get ruined and somehow, this is my fault.

To combat this, we have designated outdoor toys and indoor toys.

Our outdoor toys are great and they’re made to stand up to the elements. These are just a few of Fe’s favourites.

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 Just like in the house though, I hate having toys everywhere. I hate tripping on them, I hate stepping on them and I hate the feeling like there is mess everywhere. I knew I needed a storage solution for the deck, but in such a small space, I needed something that could do double duty.

I was thrilled when I found this tutorial for how to make your own storage ottoman using a galvanized pail!

Holy woof, how cute is that? I have a few tubs like this with flowers in them on my deck, so it’s a great tie in to match my decor, it’s ridiculously easy. (Seriously, I couldn’t even believe how easy) and I love that it can be both outdoor dog toy storage and a sweet spot to kick up my feet while I read.


Plus, I found the CUTEST tubs, lacquered in bright greens or blues or pinks, on sale, at Target. Jackpot.  I plan to use the tub and some water resistant fabric to make myself the cutest DIY Outdoor Dog Toy Storage & Ottoman.

Do you want to make one of your own?

Head over to Killer B Designs, where blogger Brooke has shared the step-by-step tutorial.

How do you store your outdoor dog toys?

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Sierra Dallas

Sunday 18th of February 2018

Amazing ideas. Really helpful to organize kids outdoor toy storage. I have to collect this for my backyard kids play area, which is becoming a messy zone for my kid's huge toys. Thanks for sharing such great though.

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner

Thursday 29th of October 2015

That's a really cute project. Gretel has a habit too of taking her toys into the yard and then leaving them there for me to puck up :/

Fiona Scott

Tuesday 25th of November 2014

How lovely!!! That's a total cuteness! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sarah at

Sunday 24th of August 2014

This is so cute! We are always trying to find ways to organize all of their toys because they are scattered everywhere!

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