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Why Kol’s Pet Bowl is Made of Recycled Glass + a Giveaway

Why Kol’s Pet Bowl is Made of Recycled Glass + a Giveaway

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When you share you home with dogs, it’s pretty easy for the place to turn into a “dog house” fast.

You all know what I mean. Dog toys every where. Beds tossed into every corner. Functional, but unattractive dog stuff everywhere. Plastic stairs. Throw rugs on slippy floors. Ugly metal or plastic bowls.

I reject the notion that my house has to look like this. 

There is absolutely no reason I can’t have things that are beautiful and dog friendly. We made over our dog stairs to look high end, our new dogs beds are a perfect match to our decor and our water bowls are absolutely beautiful.

recycled glass pet bowls

Icy blue bowl = elf ice skating rink. Apparently. | Photo Credit: Kelly at Fat Cat Creative


PawNosh Bowls are made from 100% recycled glass and they are oh so pretty. That’s not why I love them though. When it comes to my dogs, I always want to use the best, safest materials for them. Through out the years, we’ve had a lot of dog bowls. Everything from cheap $1 Ikea plastics when we brought Felix home to acrylics, ceramics, stainless steel and enamelled steel. Each bowl had it’s own challenges. The plastic made Koly’s snout break out and Felix got a recurrent red yeast overgrowth in his beard, plus BPA still freaks me out a bit. The ceramics always inevitably cracked or the glaze would chip. Plus, not all ceramic glazes are food safe.  That DARN RUBBER RING on stainless steel bowls always breaks. It ALWAYS BREAKS and in recent years, some bowls have been found to be contaminated with other, less safe metals.

Glass is the only food and beverage packaging material generally regarded as safe for use by humans. This ‘GRAS’ classification allows glass to be used for food and beverage applications without toxicity testing. No other material has garnered this approval.

For Koly and Fe, I want a bowl that is above all SAFE. I was initially really nervous about switching to a glass bowl. I’m clumsy. Felix likes to flip his bowl when he wants it freshened up. (True story, bro. He’s a bit of a jerk.) The PawNosh bowl is  is so sturdy that I was worried over nothing. I have dropped it, but the glass is so thick that it wasn’t as big a deal as I worried about. Since glass is quite heavy, Felix CAN’T flip it. This has been a delightful discovery, as frankly, I get tired as woof of mopping up his spills.

And they’re beautiful. The PawNosh bowls are really, really beautiful.

We have both a blue bowl and a green one and I can’t decide which I like better. They also come in a really pretty firey orange colour, which is so pretty, but man! I’m running out of places to put water bowls. How many bowls do two dogs need?! (If the answer is anything less than a squillion, don’t answer that.)

 Do you want to give the gift of PawNosh this holiday? You can save 10% buy using code 14ADVENT10 at the check out.


Welcome to Day 3 of the #Advent4Dogs Giveaway!

With the help of our festive co-hosts Dogthusiast, Heart Like a Dog, NEPA PetsWag’n’Woof Pets and Dizzy, the Kol’s Notes elf, we’re counting down to the holidays, sharing our tips and trick to survive ‘em in crazy dog lady style and putting the wag in “swag” with 24 awesome giveaways and one Grand Prize package worth more than $1000 that will knock your stockings off.

Today’s #Advent4Dogs giveaway is sponsored by PawNosh.

Our winner will receive a PawNosh recycled glass pet bowl.

To enter, complete the Giveaway Tools entry form and leave a comment telling us what size & colour of PawNosh bowl you would like to win. Open to US readers only.

Don’t forget to share!

You can earn a bonus entry into this giveaway (and the Grand Prize draw) for every person that enters using your referral link.


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Wednesday 31st of December 2014

Would have to be the Cubby Deluxe, preferably in Celery--Great Danes are definitely OVER 25#!!


Wednesday 31st of December 2014

cubby in aqua

Peggy Rydzewski

Tuesday 30th of December 2014

I like them all but if i had to choose it would be the aqua chubby bowl

Stephanie Jones

Tuesday 30th of December 2014

The Cubby Deluxe Bowl – Aqua would be awesome!

Heather Martin

Tuesday 30th of December 2014

Cubby Bowl – Aqua

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.