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$5 Photos Shoots: Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Dog Photos

$5 Photos Shoots: Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Dog Photos

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Love is in the air!

Well, love…and dog treats because yesterday, we had the talented Kelly from Fat Cat Creative over to help us create some cheap & easy Valentine’s Day Dog photos. My goal was to get some super cute pictures that anyone could recreate at home, all for less than $5 per shot. I think the project was a roaring success.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture great photos at home. Just pick a bright, well lit area (bonus points if it’s natural light), grab some dog treats and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Shot #1: My Heart Dog

Cost: $3                    Set Up Time: 30 seconds

Kelly bought this adorable sparkly heart wreath at the dollar store for just $2. I cover the ottoman from our living room with $1 worth of red fleece from the scrap bin at the fabric store.

Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos

Shot #2: Love is in the Air (No Wait, That’s Jerky)

Cost: $5                    Set Up Time: 2 Minutes

Again, Dollarama FTW. The sparkly love sign was a cool $2, Felix’s heart bandana was $1 and Koly’s heart mardi gras beads were $1 for a bunch. We reused the $1 fleece scrap again. The hardest part was getting them to sit together.

Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos

Shot #3: Drool Not Included

Cost: $5                    Set Up Time: 15 minutes

This was BY FAR our most labour intensive option, but it also turned out pretty cute. To make this set, I bought 2 pieces of foam board (2/$1), a roll of red wrapping paper ($1) and a roll of electrical tape ($1). Kelly added the $2 “kiss” sign, though you could totally do without that.

To recreate this booth, cover one of your foam boards with red or pink wrapping paper. Cut lengths of electrical tape, then cut it in half, lengthwise, wobbling the scissors as you cute to create un even lines. Place the tape on the covered foam board at regular intervals to create a Charles Schultz stylewood booth. (Did you make our Snoopy’s Dog House photo backdrop? If you remove the roof peice, you can totally reuse the poster board base for this.)

Trim second foam board into 2 x 3″ wide pieces and 1 leftover piece. Wrap the 3″ pieces in paper and tape onto the base using generous amounts of electrical tape. (If I had to to do again, I might just hang the sign on the wall behind Koly, as opposed to trying to create a “booth”).

Write your desired kissing booth message on the leftover piece, tape it to the booth top and take your photos.

Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos Kissing Booth
Kiss me, you fool
Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos Kissing Booth
I’m going to lick you.

Wondering why Koly & Fe have different kissing booths? Felix went on a Godzilla style rampage, terrorizing the village and breaking up the flimsy set. You’ll notice the sign is falling off his revised version as well. That boy is a menace.

Shot #4: DIY Hearts & Puppies Garland

Cost: $3 – $5                    Set Up Time: 15 minutes (or so) 

Last week, Jessica at Beagles and Bargains shared a SUPER CUTE DIY Valentine’s Day Dog Garland, featuring dog silhouettes and I fell in love. Unfortunately, I’m also lazy busy, so the thought of cutting out that many hearts and dog silhouettes was daunting. I was super excited to find pre-cut red & white hearts at the dollar store, then I totally cheated. Using Fotoflexer I dropped my custom puggle silhouette onto some heart clip art and printed it. (Hearts are way easier to cut than dog outlines.)

Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos

Shot #5: Face Signs

Cost: >$1                     Set Up Time: 10 Minutes

This one is SO SIMPLE. Just cut a giant heart out of a sheet of poster board, cut a hole in the middle and pop it on your dog’s head.

Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos
Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos
Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos




.Shot #6: Too Cool For V-Day

by Jen at My Brown Newfies

Cost $1                    Set Up Time: Depends on your Dog

Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos
Check out Jen’s post for more Pet Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas.

 Shot #7: Flowers for Your Woof

by Kimberly at Confessions of a Rescue Mom

Cost: $5 (min)          Time: 10 – 15 minutes

For this photo, Kimberly hand made and coloured Valentine’s Day hearts and stuck them to the wall ($1), popped a pink banadana ($1) and then posed him with her wedding bouquet. While I’m guessing that bouquet was about a squillion dollars and not $3, many dollar stores carry big fake fabric flowers for $1 a piece – or you can try making one of these DIY Fabric Flowers.

Cheap and easy Valentine's Day Dog Photos

Shot #8: Glamour Shot!

Cost: $2                   Set Up Time: 30 Seconds

by Heather from OK Collars

Valentine's Day Dog photos

Kayla is clearly a very glamorous girl (and not at all the bull in a china shop Heather makes her out to be). For this photo, simply wrap a dollar store boa around your dog’s neck and snap away.

Shot #9: I Heart U

by Heather at OK Collars

Cost: $2                              Set Up Time: 30 Seconds

Not all dogs will wear a wreath like my dogs. For a photo that demands less patience from your dog, simply prop up a wreath in front of them.

Valentine's Day Dog photos

Have you ever staged a $5 Photo Shoot for Valentine’s Day?

We’d love to see what you did! Tag @kolsnotes on Instagram, KolsNotes on Pinterest, share it on our Facebook wall, tweet it to us @kolsnotes or email us at kolchakpuggle – at – gmail – dot – com

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Saturday 21st of February 2015

Another idea for a kissing booth, especially if your dogs are larger than lapdog size is to repurpose an old wooden pallet. That's how we made ours.


Monday 23rd of February 2015

Ohhh I love that idea!

Ann Staub

Wednesday 11th of February 2015

I saw this on my phone yesterday and love all of the ideas! The dollar store has got to be one of the most awesome places to pick up cheap photo props. Everything here is so simple. Hardest part is getting your dog to sit still!


Wednesday 11th of February 2015

I love the kissing booth idea --- OK I love them all!! Rolo says thank you for featuring his photo. (the bouquet didn't cost a lot as its fake flowers because I wanted it as a keepsake from our destination wedding)

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