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Free Printable “Hairy Potter” Planner Stickers & Die Cuts

Free Printable “Hairy Potter” Planner Stickers & Die Cuts

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Six months ago, my friend AJ came up with this absolutely ridiculous plan: I’d move to Toronto and we’d open a combination farm, animal rescue and pottery studio.

*le sigh* The idea was flawed on so many levels, including but not limited to her distaste for work that makes her sweaty, the fact that she has never MADE pottery and that locating on a whim to partake in her shenanigans is not something I was doing. AJ wanted to call it “Pottery Barn”, which was sadly already the name of a well-known home goods brand. It took some convincing that this was a one-way ticket to litigation, but she eventually renamed this scheme Hairy Potters, which meant it was now a farm, animal rescue pottery shop with a Harry Potter theme because apparently, WHY NOT?

Spoiler alert: Hairy Potters in not currently in any kind of plans to actually open.

However, AJ’s enthusiasm for the concept did inspire these Harry Potter stickers for dog lovers, so I guess that’s something? We are hardcore, ride or die Harry Potter fans in this house. I read all the books. Often at midnight, on the day they were released. I own multiple versions of the books, like the illustrated Harry Potter versions and the companion books, like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the tales of Beetle the Bard.


Felix listens to the Harry Potter audiobooks all the time to help relieve his sound anxiety and help us all relax. (The UK version read by Stephen Fry, not the US version. Stephan’s voice is like velvet.) I belong to a planner group ENTIRELY DEVOTED to Harry Potter. We even play for a house cup. So yeah. We’re fans. Crazy fans.


Featuring art from MilaWorldDesigns on Etsy, I am SO IN LOVE with this set. There’s one page of stickers and another of die cuts (or, I guess you could print them on sticker paper and they’d just be really big stickers.) Here’s what you need to make your own stickers:

Still shopping for a 2018 planner? I’m using a Bullet Journal, a Travelers Notebook and a couple Happy Planners. Snag my favs below:


Or grab a GORGEOUS Travelers Notebook on Etsy. I’m PINING over a custom Keelindori and need to catch the store open. From left to right: Perfecktly Imperfect, PelleStudio, The Inky Bluebird & Television Train Wreck (Click on any image to be taken to the Etsy store. All photos belong to the creators.)






It’s super easy to print your own Free Harry Potter Stickers for Dog Lovers.

Click on either image below to download the print file. Print on sticker paper or cardstock. Cut out. If you don’t HAVE sticker paper, you could even print them on regular paper and glue them into your planner. Easy peasy.

Do you love Harry Potter too? Which character is your favourite and why? What house are you?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.