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How To Turn Your Dog Into a Coloring Page

How To Turn Your Dog Into a Coloring Page

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I have an impressive amount of custom dog art.

The walls of my craft room are covering with paintings, drawings, illustrations and digital collages of my dogs. Some I bought. Many I was surprised with. Others we received as a part of blog promotions, but each piece of custom dog art has a special place on the wall – and in my heart. I have almost every piece of pet art I could want except ONE: custom dog coloring sheets.

I was so excited when I discovered that it was possible to have someone draw your very own dog coloring pages.

STRONG NEED! I love to mindlessly color while I watch Netflix or while I am on conference calls at work. And I might be biased, but my dogs are actually the CUTEST dogs that have ever dogged and so, clearly, they need to be captured in all their line art glory.

It’s really easy to turn your dogs into a coloring page with the help of artist Brittany Farina.

Seriously, all I had to do was send her a few photos and she sent me back these GLORIOUSLY adorable pieces. 

I’m dying over how perfectly she captured Kol’s totally not impressed face. 

Brittany had photos of Felix both with and without his wheelchair to work from and I’m actually really thrilled that she chose this one. This was one of the first moments where he really “got it” with the chair and I think the happy look on his face says it all. PLUS? Let’s TACO about that background. It’s fantastic.

You can’t create Kol’s Notes family coloring pages and leave out Cousin Lu. This is the face he makes when you have a snack and he does not have a snack and frankly, it’s highly effective at getting him a taste.

Do you want to order your own custom dog coloring page? 

They aren’t even crazy expensive. I was so surprised that this was a fun and affordable gift; perfect for the little human in your life and their special pooch! 

Just head over to to order yours.

And make sure you come back and share them with us! I would love love LOVE to color your dog too! 

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Carol Bryant

Sunday 26th of August 2018

These are so completely uber cool. I love that your fans can get involved and do a coloring book page of their dogs!


Friday 24th of August 2018

These are awesome!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.