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Awesome, thoughtful Last-Minute Dog Lover Gifts That You Can Order Online

Awesome, thoughtful Last-Minute Dog Lover Gifts That You Can Order Online

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If you’ve been hanging out at Kol’s Notes for any amount of time you already know that Procrastination is my middle name.

I really, really don’t get into the holiday spirit until the season is all up on us, and this year, my spirit is even later to the party than usual. The area of Canada where Koly and I live is on social restriction until January 8th, which means no social contact outside your household. *whomp whomp* Not exactly the kind of Holly Jolly Holiday I had planned. Normally, my procrastinating would be spending some serious, quality time with the local mall this week, but frankly, hard pass. This year, I just don’t think the hustle-bustle of the mall is going to make me feel more festive and since I have people in my life who are at risk, I’m not super interested in taking unnecessary risks. SO here we are at the corner of where my procrastination and my distaste for the idea of heading to the mall meet and I’m thinking: “I can’t be the only one!”

So, just in case, you’re in the same mood I am and you’re wondering what totally thoughtful gifts you can buy the dog lover in your life without ever putting on pants or leaving the comfort of your couch, I’ve got you covered.

1. Dognition is a great gift for dogs and their owners.

This is one of the Dognition games, but Kol TOTES knows which cup has the treat. I just pointed to a cup with no treat and he’s clearly thinking “why are you like this?”

I am such a fan of the Dognition system. It’s a set of games and tests that help you better understand how your dog thinks. I found it incredibly helpful for my relationship with Kolchak and it makes it so much easier to know how to manage behaviours and work on training.

These are Kolchak’s results from the first time we took the Dognition tests. He was younger and more enthusiastic then and he got “the Socialite”. (L O L) I’m really excited to redo the tests over our holiday break and see how his results change.

I think almost every dog person would benefit from completing the assessment. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Once the assessment is done, there are more games designed to help build up your bond with your dog. It’s a great gift for any dog lover (and if you don’t get it from Santa, I totally recommend treating yourself!)

Buy the gift of Dognition here.

Want something to open along with the subscription? Pick up the supplies for the Dognition test kit: two lightweight disposal cups, a stack of Post-It Notes, and some super tasty dog treats.

2. Open up those lines of communication with recordable buttons.

Bunny the dog and her communication buttons have been big news in the pet space this year. Have you seen them? You teach your dog to paw a specific button when they want a specific thing. (Please note: it will be a cold day in hell before I get Kolchak a “snacks, please!” button.)

You can buy the official buttons used by Bunny from FluentPet here, but due to what they’re calling “Shippageddon” they may or may not arrive in time for the holiday.

but…did you know they make a version for kids that can be used for dog training too? This is what Koly is getting for Christmas. Shhh. Nobody tell him.

And they qualify for Amazon prime (heyoooo, next day shipping is a procrastinator’s dream).

Take a cue from my Christmas shopping list and snag the Learning Resource brand buttons here.

3. Keep spreading holiday cheer long after the season is over with a subscription box.

Image credit: Dog Mom Box

I love a subscription box. Oh man, I LOVE a subscription box. There’s something about paying a little bit too much money and having no idea what I’m getting that speaks to my soul. (I was also that kid who’d sink her whole allowance into $5 grab bags at Claire’s.) And these days, there is a subscription box for EVERYTHING including lots of dog lover boxes. I love exploring what options are out there and I found a few super options for subscription boxes for dog people:

The Dog Mom Box – With a mix of toys, treats, and goodies for you, this box has a little of everything. It’s got some great reviews and the sample boxes I looked up were top notch. You can subscribe to the Dog Mom Box now and the first shipment will leave Jan 4th.

The PETure Pawfect Box – I am low-key obsessed with anything that has Kol’s face on it (especially since generic gifts featuring a black puggle are hard as woof to find), so I LOVE the idea of a monthly custom pet art subscription box. Plus, this one comes in several options and price points, making it a good fit for almost any budget. You can order your PETure Pawfect box here.

The WINEdog Box – Described as a “date night in with your dog” this one features a drinkable “dog wine”, toys, treats and some wine lover swag for the human. Just add a bottle of human wine for yourself and you’re all set for a night of snuggles and bonding. Give the gift of some downtime with the dog by gifting a WINEdog box.

4. Do you have a dog you admire from afar? Give the gift of Furbo!

This dog – cam and dog treat dispenser combo is app enabled, so you can chat with your best dog friend and even toss them a treat anytime you want. Kol spends exactly no time alone, but I have some dogs who I am internet stalking big fans of who I would love to be able to connect with via Furbo. What a cool gift.

It’s available via Amazon Prime, so it should still make it in time for the holidays.

5. The Gift of Dog-centric Entertainment

Cute funny dog with tasty popcorn lying on sofa at home

When we were dealing with Felix’s sound anxiety and adjusting to life in an apartment that was FULL of sounds, background noise was key in helping him settle down. Our favoured noise was Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter books, but I love the idea of DogTV for dogs who spend their days home alone. DogTV has some cool science behind it, but the long and the short is that, for most dogs, it should help them be more comfortable on their own.

Gift your best doggo pal with a 6 or a 12 month subscription to DogTV here.

Bonus idea for people who waited too long, even for online shopping:

Made with Love Homemade Dog Treats

Here at Kol’s Notes, dog treats are KIND OF our thing. I absolutely love making Kol fresh, DIY dog treats and we have a TON of dog treat recipes. Why not whip up a batch of canine-friendly peanut butter gingerbread? Pop it in a cute box or jar and it’s a great, thoughtful, made from the heart dog lover gift.

How is your holiday shopping going? What are you getting the dog lover in your life??

Seriously, I need more ideas. Hit me.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.