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Free Printable Christmas Cards for Dog Lovers

Free Printable Christmas Cards for Dog Lovers

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Christmas is once again creeping around the corner, like a spectre waiting to pounce the moment you feel overwhelmed. <– or something more festive and jolly that that. Wait. Let’s try this again.

Christmas is ring-ting-a-tingling it’s merry way into hearts and homes of people everywhere.

Is… is that better? Did it feel warm and genuine? …No, it didn’t. Did it? Look, I am trying, but I once again feel a little like Cindy Lou Who, shouting at the Universe about how the magic of Christmas isn’t magic-ing as hard as it used to. Add to the fact that life is busy and I’m sometimes a garbage person and I’m feeling *behind* this holiday. I’m just like… really bad at remembering to order Christmas cards? And also, intrinsically opposed to spending $6.49 for a piece of fancy paper. I look at greeting cards and I’m just like “I could make that.” Only I don’t actually have the spare time to make much of anything lately,but I can totally find the time to PRINT something.

Printable Christmas Cards aren’t JUST for those of us who couldn’t get their life together in time to have nice custom ones printed.

Who hasn’t been caught off guard by an unexpected guest popping in, an old friend reaching out or just flat out forgetting you needed a card until the last moment? Since these free Christmas cards can be printed on demand, there’s no waste; no fuss. Super easy and they only take a minute.

And there’s like very cute, if I do say so myself. What dog lover WOULDN’T want one of these adorable cards?

I have a friend that says “Slay!” about a dozen times a week. She does it unironically and she was absolutely in my heart as I dropped this cute lil corgi bean onto. sled and sent him on his way. This is the perfect Christmas card to print for the dog lover that is always on the go, works hard and is really just killing it out there.

I know this cutie is all dressed up as Rudolph, but if you look at him fast, for just a second, doesn’t he look a little like a clown? If you have a friend that like me, pretends that they’re trying to be really good, but is ultimately, very up to mischief and shenanigans, this is the printable card for them.

I mean, what dog doesn’t think they’re the light of the family’s eyes and that they are, in fact, a gift? Pretty sure it’s every dog ever – or maybe Kolchak just really, really loved to lay under the tree wreaking havoc. Print this Christmas card for the friend that is always working hard for others and add a heartfelt reminder about what a gift they are to you.

If we’re being honest, the food is the best part of any holiday, but especially Christmas. Blah blah blah the light, blah blah time with family, blah blah blah the magic. NO. The cookies. The cakes. The snack mix. I am here for the eating. And so is this cutie.

Whether you’re a mess like me, just trying to do fancy, thoughtful things like giving friends and loved ones a heartfelt hand written note at the Holidays or if money is tight and you’re trying to have a good ol’ Boujie on a Budget holiday, I think printable cards are where it’s at. Who doesn’t want to cross something off their holiday list without changing out of their PJs?!

Click on the links below to download the free printable christmas card files. And then give the dog a smooch. They really are a gift.

I Am A Gift Free Printable Christmas Card

Season’s Eatings Free Printable Greeting Card

Sleigh All Day Free Printable Holiday Card

Santa, I tried Free Printable Christmas Card

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.