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Tasty Tuesday: Puggle Poppers

Tasty Tuesday: Puggle Poppers

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I know that I have already expressed my family’s affinity for balls.Whether it be a meatball, a Christmas ball or my own pawsonal favourite, the vinyl squeaky ball,
we ♥ balls 

However, this affinity *does not* extend to those oddly shaped balls the Ogre/Human hybrids throw around while decked out in spandex so tight and shiny it makes my eyes bleed. (Spandex is a privilege, not a right people!). Sunday, while everydoggy I know was oogling this guy  watching the big game, I was hanging out at the park with Mom and going to the barn with Dad.

The when we came home, I ordered Mama into the kitchen to make snacks for me & Dad and then had her serve us like Sultans. (It was Daddy’s birthday or we would never have gotten away with that kinda back talk.)

Mama made Daddy stuffed turkey breasts, herbed brown rice and mixed veggies for dinner. She is a good Mommy, ’cause I saw her setting aside things for me and Fe so she could make Puggle Poppers.

YUM! These are so easy, all you need is a few leftovers – and some basics.



1 – 2 left over turkey breasts (about 10 oz.), unseasoned and fully cooked
1 1/4 cooked brown rice (skip the butter and salt, it’s not Fido Friendly)
2 egg whites

Preheat the oven to 150F or – you can use a food dehydrator for this. Our dehydrator is a NESCO*** and we love it!

Chop turkey into very small pieces (you can use a food processor or a knife, or Mom got a really geeky kitchen tool for Christmas but it actually worked really well for this. It’s a Slap Chop***. Yes, my Mom has one of those stupid “As Seen on TV”*** tools, but man…it actually works great!) You want the turkey to be in very small flaky pieces.

Mix cold turkey, cold rice and egg whites together in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. If you are using your dehydrator, there is no need to line the trays.

For medium sized treats – use a miniature meat ball tool to scoop out the mix.
For small treats, use a melon baller (~*~giggles~*~ baller) to scoop out the mix.
Place each scoop on the trays about 3/4” apart. Place in oven. If using a food dehydrator, plug in and turn to 150 degrees. Let poppers bake/dehydrate for 4 to 6 hours. (Melon ball size should be closer to 4 hours, mini meatball size closer to 6 hours) Treats should be very dry and brittle. Test one to ensure they are dry all they way through. If the treats are done, they should explode in your hand when you apply a little pressure. I am sure you will find a paw willing to help you clean up the mess 🙂

We LOVE these treats because they make a jolly crumbly POP in your mouth. Sooooo full of tasty, explode-y goodness!

**Please note that we received no promotional consideration from Slap Chop, As Seen on TV or NESCO for this endorsement, but if they wanted to send us stuff, that would be freaking sweet***

Well, I’m off to see if I can score a treat before bed. Me and Mama are gonna cuddle up in bed and watch the Puppy Bowl on the PVR . Now there’s a game I can get into.

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Hahah! Love it...have to try these one day when I have nothin' goin on!

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Puggle Poppers - best name ever!

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Oooohhhh...licking my chops here! Gotta go give Mom the google eyes now so maybe she'll get in da kitchen and start cookin'.

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