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Cleanin’ with Koly

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It has been one of those weekends at our house. You know the kind – the ones where Mama gets possessed by the demon spirit of a 1950’s house wife and goes all June Cleaver on the house? Cleaning days are boooooring! No park. No games. No special snacks. Just hour after hour after hour of boredom.

So what is a pup to do if he just wants to have fun and his Mama just wants to work, work, work? Here are my tips to making a cleaning day extra fun.

1. Paw Print Art

There is nothing like a freshly washed kitchen floor. I see a clean floor and all I can think is blank slate. Just think of all the beautiful art you can make on a CLEAN FLOOR! I love to get out in garden, get good and muddy and leave some paw print designs on the kitchen floor. If you are like me and you love a little texture to your masterpiece, mouthfuls of crunched up kibbles artfully placed amongst the paw prints will add just the right touch.

2. Vacuum Cleaner Chicken

A puggle such as myself like to live dangerously! Just like Chico, I like to play a little game called chicken with the vacuum cleaner. How do you play? Rush the vacuum, barking threateningly. Refuse to back off or give that vile creature even an inch of breathing room. Whoever backs off first, you or the vacuum, is a chicken. I like to eat chicken, so I don’t wanna be one. I have mad chicken vacuum skills.

3.  Toy Box Terrorist

One of my favourite cleaning day activities is a little spot of fun that I like to call “Toy Box Terrorist”. Mama loves to ruin everything by hunting all over the house, the truck, the barn, the yard, everywhere and gathering up all our toys into ONE toy box. We hate it when she does this because invariably, it looks like this:

An overflowing toy box only means one thing at our house. Half my toys are going bye-bye. Whenever our toys box get this embarrassingly full, Mama steps in and sorts through the toys deciding what we can keep, what toys we can donate to a rescue and which toys are pure junk and have to be thrown out. That’s where the Toy Box Terrorist comes in. As Mama adds to the pile, as quickly as I can, I like to unpack those toys and scatter them all over the house – like a toy bomb has gone off!

4. Window Washing

I, Kolchak T. Puggle, am a good dog. NO! I am! Felix, you jerk – QUIT LAUGHING! I AM A GOOD BOY! Do you know how I know? I help Mama wash the windows. Yup! After she has finished rubbing some icky smelly stuff* on there, I help her clean up her mess by licking them clean again. I am so helpful.

the Mama’s Note: We use white vinegar, lemon juice and water to clean the windows. He just can’t get enough of it. Trying to clean them is futile. Not sure why I even bother trying!

5. Hide & Seek

When the Mama is cleaning, she is generally in and out of cupboards, closets, the laundry room & spare room in her constant struggle to “tidy this place up”. Seriously, she makes it sound like we live in a crack house. It’s not *that* messy in here. I just have some things, and Felix has a few things and the Daddy has just a couple of things and all those things look like junk & clutter. It’s not junk & clutter. Anyways, I digress, so she is in and out of all sorts of usually forbidden spots. This is an excellent time to play HIDE & SEEK. When the Mam is distracted, squish yourself into say, the linen closet, let her close the door behind you, then wait. Just when the Mama is back into her cleaning, this is when you strike! Start whining *really quiet*. the Mama will notice, and tell you to Тишина (Pronounced Tishnya) which means HUSH in Russian. Get a little louder and more urgent. Eventually she will follow the sound of your voice and come looking for you!

See?! Even cleaning can be fun with Kolchak! What do you do to help your human clean house?

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