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It’s a Dog’s Life

It is *so hard* to be me. So. Hard. Everyday the Mama gets up and abandons me ALL DAY. I have to work for my kibbles. Work for it! By doing tricks like a performing monkey. Of all the nerve! I’m expected to behave, like all the time. ALL THE TIME. Life’s ruff.

OK, maybe things aren’t so bad.

There are some poor dogs out there who really have things ruff. Dogs who live their lives on chains. The neglected. The abused. The abandoned. The dogs who are in shelters, waiting and hoping for a better life they many will never get. Each year,of all the wonderful homes that welcome a pet int their lives 75%purchase their new furry friend.
Only 25% are rescued.

That is a pretty freaking dismal number. And yet, there are billions of dollars spent every year to house and ultimately euthanize millions of shelter pets. We’re spending a ton of money and we aren’t even making a dent in the problem. Are we even approaching the problem in the right way?

Guarding Dogs aims to shed a light on our broken animal welfare system.

From examining the role of puppy mills, to the never ending task of shelters and rescues, to the plight of our senior and special needs animals, Guarding Dogs would like to make a documentary that makes a philosophical case for why it is so important to be kind and compassionate to dogs.

Part of the goal of Guarding Dog is to provide a copy of the documentary to different schools, groups and institutions free of charge with multilingual lesson plans for all ages. While they want to change reality for dogs now, they recognize that the most powerful legacy of the film will be how it is presented to children. Hopefully, the next generation can learn from the mistakes of this one and be the change. So, how can you help?

Kickstart the Change

Guarding Dogs is the participant of a Kickstarter campaign that could make this thought-provoking documentary a reality.

What is a Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a way to crowd source funding and support for projects like Guarding Dogs. A large group of people making small donations of whatever they can to make a big dream a reality. Kickstarter has a unique all-or-nothing funding system. Donors pledge an amount, if the campaign gets enough donors to meet their goal, the donor’s are billed for their contribution. If the project fails to meet their goal, no money changes hands and the project is left unfunded.

It is vital that a project like this be funded entirely through small donations from private donors. Any project funded by an animal welfare group or a lobbyist organization is bound to be influened by the source of their funding. By supporting this project through the dog loving community at large, the film makers will only be responsible to us, the viewer and maybe we can get a good look at just how we are dealing with the animal overpopulation problem and how we could do it better. There is just one catch:

With 6 days to go, the Guarding Dogs Kickstarter campaign has only met 75% of the goal.

Imagine seeing the finished documentary and knowing that you helped make it possible.

You can contribute as little as $1 or as much as you would like to the Guarding Dogs project. Click here to make your donation now. Every dollar helps reach the ultimate goal.

It’s a tough economy out there. We know it. Not everyone who wants to will be able to open their pocketbook and give.

You can still help.

We’ve got six days to bark it from the rooftops! To tell all our friends and splash the Guarding Dogs goal across Twitter, Facebook and all the social media we can. Help us SHARE THE GUARDING DOGS STORY.

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Support changes in animal welfare and help Kickstart the Change with Guarding Dogs: a documentary on the broken animal welfare system.

Or for all our fellow Dogger Bloggers out there, help us Blog the Change and post about this great project. (Don’t have time to write? Feel free to share our post with your readers)

We are so excited about this project and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it become a reality. So if you can, please help. This is your chance to be a part of something so much bigger than just ourselves and together, maybe we can change the lives of dogs for years to come.

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