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K9 Kamp Challenge #3: Tug With Me

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hosted by Kol’s Notes & Peggy’s Pet Place
Are you ready for our third Koly & Kelly’s Fitness Challenge! If you have been kamping along with us, you know what to do, check out this week’s super fun tugging & toning challenge below!
New to K9 Kamp?
We’d love for you to kamp with us! No need to sign up or register! No commitment, you can complete all the challenges or just the ones that interest you. To join in, all you have to do is complete the challenge and enter below! Easy as pie! (which you shouldn’t be having! This is K9 Kamp! We’re on a diet!)
WOOF! I am SO EXCITED about this week’s challenge.
You might be surprised to know that I, Kolchak T Puggle, am freakishly strong for my size. Seriously. I look like a small dog, but I can pull like a pack mule. I would make an excellent sled dog. For realz, y’all! No surprise with a passion for pulling, that one of my very favourite games is Tug of War.
It’s not much of a war when your Mama is an out of shape weakling.

I am totally stronger than the Mama. The only reason I haven’t accidentally ripped her arm out of the socket is that she is also clumsy, so she accidentally lets the tug toy slip from her hands on an alarmingly frequent basis.
So why Tug of War?
It’s a great workout! By watching your posture as you tug with your dog, you can engage your lower body and your core, as well as giving your arms a work out! For your dog, tug of war engages lots of muscles that don’t get a regular workout as they crouch, jump and pull on they toy trying to win the game. Tug of War is also an excellent opportunity to teach your dog some playtime etiquette and some basic obedience. Check out this great blog regarding some ground rules that should always be observed while playing Tug.
Options, options, options! 
There are literally a TON of  Tug of War toy option on the market! It’s all a matter for finding something that thrills YOUR dog. This is my FAVOURITE Tug of War Toy. I love all the different arms that I can grab hold of and try to tug the Mama right off her feet and the Mama loves the thicker body, which gives her something to grab onto, so she doesn’t drop it so much.
Other favourite toys around here are our Orbee Tuff Tug Toy or our treat & tug toys – our Gourdo and our Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug, which the Mama fills with the Lean & Green Treats or the Tuna Tasties broken into small pieces.
Tug With Me!
This is going to be a physical challenge, so we recommend starting with a brisk walk or a jog and a quick stretch for you and your pup!
Initiate a game of tug of war with your dog. While they are tugging, step forward, bending at knees and drop into a lunge. (Not sure how to do a proper and safe lunge? Check out this video!) Hold the lunge for 10 counts, stand back up and then lunge again. Time yourself for 2 minutes, then switch legs for another two minutes. Make sure you are offering your dog enough attention and praise that they really get into the tug of war game. You want to see them pulling and tugging, encouraging them to lean back into the play bow stance several times each game.
**For an added challenge, you can pulse up and down as you count to 10 during your lunge**
***edit:  For another variation that is good for dogs who are not very well mannered during tug of war – or for those whose dog are too vigiorous of a puller to do this safely: Play tug for two minutes, put your dog in the down position with their toy, then do the lunges. Run a lap together then start again! It’s all about making it work for you!***
When you have finished two minutes on each leg, ask your dog to sit and drop or give up the tug toy. Race your dog to the end of the yard/field/street to get your heart rates up, then race back to your kamping spot and initiate tug with your dog again.
This time step out to the right and lower your butt into a squat. (Not sure how to do a proper and safe squat? Check out this video!) Make sure you are keeping your core stable! Squat right for two minutes, then switch sides and repeat. Remember to keep your dog engaged in the game! You want to be tugging the whole time!
**For an added challenge, you can pulse up and down as your count to 10 during your squat**
Race your dog to the end of the yard/field/street to get your heart rates up, then race back to your kamping spot. Get down in push up position.  (Not sure how to do a proper and safe push up? Confused about how to position your body? Check out this video!) Raise your right arm and initiate tug of war with your pup! Make sure to keep your back as flat as possible and your core stable. After 2 minutes on the right side, switch hands and tug with the left.
**We prefer the girly push up position, resting our weight on our knees, but for an added challenge, go all out and rest your weight on your toes. Want even MORE of a challenge? (What are you? Some kind of sadist??) Lift the leg opposite to the arm you are tugging with up off the ground so it is extended out behind you and your toes are in line with your butt. (That’ll hurt in the morning, for sure!)
Repeat all until you run out of time or frankly, until you are exhausted! The Mama and I can usually do one round of each before we need a rest, but try to push yourself to your own personal limit!
After a tugging and toning session it’s important to stretch & I recommend a walk to help you both cool down!
Not ready for 60 full minutes of fitness fun? Do you live on the face of the sun and have to exercise before dawn or after dusk?  Try splitting the 60 minute challenge up into smaller blocks so that it works for your fitness level and schedule. Kamp is easily split into:
  • 1 – 60 minute Session
  • 2 – 30 minute Sessions
  • 3 – 20 minute Sessions
  • 4 – 15 minute Sessions
Working out during the day under the hot a fire sun? Make sure you bring a water bottle for both you and for your pup!

Did your Mama threaten you with a flock of birds and now you’re not allowed off leash
No worries! Loop a long leash around your waist and play like that! (Check out these great hands-free leashes or the adjustable 5 way leashes from K9 Kamp sponsor Raw Dog Leather!)

Want to kick it up a notch and really challenge yourself and your dog?  Try carrying a can of wet dog food in each hand as you run. I mean sure, you could use normal hand weights or wrist weights, but really? Where is the K9 Kamp fun in that?!) For dogs who need more of a challenge a Dog Pack weighted with water bottles adds some extra weight and helps burns some additional calories.

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