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Treat Me Right

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I’m a Food Hound by Nature.

I love food, snacks treats and anything that involves eating. I love to eat. To be honest, I would like to be eating right now if I could. the Mama is notoriously stingy with the snacks though, so instead, I’m sitting here just thinking about snacks. Every now and again, I whimper softly and the Daddy thinks I am having a bad dream, but really? I am just pining for the days when we ate what we wanted when we wanted and the treat toys were always full.

Treat Toys Rev Me Up.

For realz. Treats toys are lucky k9 crack at Casa de Kolchak. As soon as I see one come out, I start to lose my doggy mind. the Mama actually worries that one of these days my head is going to explode from pure delirious anticipation and then she is going to have puggle brain-goo all over the walls. Just who is going to clean up THAT mess? A toy is awesome enough, but one that gives me treats?! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

OMD, a bunch of treat toys all at once! 
Is the Mama going to fill them?! PLEASE?!

The Day the Treat River Ran Dry.

When the Mama noticed my ever-expanding waistline, the treats slowed from a river to a trickle. I’m practically starving now. It’s so sad.  Gone are the days of treat toys filled with bits of cheese and hot dog. Gone are the days of endless peanut butter stuffed Kongs. Woe is me!

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Even on a diet, treat toys are an awesome way to add some fun and mental stimulation to your pups day. You’ve just got to treat them right. Treat toys can actually be a great way to help your pup lose weight. Want to challenge your pup without adding a ton of calories?

Serve Your Dog’s Meals in a Treat Toy

  • Since treat toys only hold so much kibble, it’s an easy way to make sure that you aren’t over-feeding. 
  • Treat toys slow down the dogs that gobble their kibble, making the meal last longer and feel more satisfying.
  • Treat toys make your dog WORK IT! for their dinner. Batting around a treat toy burns more calories than snarfing kibbles out of a bowl – and if your dog is like me, they’ll put their whole body into it.
  • Mind and body, baby! Not only is serving meals in a treat toy good for the body, it’s also good for the mind, providing your pup with much needed mental stimulation.

The Kol’s Notes Paw Print of Approval

The Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble

We got one of these egg shaped kibble balls last year and we love it! This toy is perfect for serving up meals as it rolls around in an irregular pattern and makes you really work for your dinner.

This bouncing, chewing, floating, fetching toy is also designed to hold your dog’s snacks. Mix your a handful of our Tuna Tasties with a tablespoon or two of canned pumpkin and watch your dog work!

This one is a great tug of war toy and a treat toy. Double the pleasure. Double the fun! An absolute favourite here at Casa de Kolchak. Fill it with our Lean & Green Treats and tug away!
The Mama won’t let us have the Everlasting treats, but she cuts an apple in half and uses it to plug the ends, then fills the middle with little chunks of carrot!
The Nina Ottosan Dog Casino is one of the best treat toys we have making it super challenging to get at the treats and making me work hard for my snack. The Mama fills the drawers with a mix of fresh veggies and the occasional chicken chip for added incentive. You can also try the Tornado, the Twister, the Brick, or the Brainy.
It’s a classic for a reason. We love our Kong stuffed with chopped veggies, filled with low-fat, low-sodium chicken stock and  frozen.
This was our first treat toy and we love it. These interactive toys can be made more difficult by linking two or more together in an endless variety of combinations. It also works together with the Canine Genius Mike Toys.
Do you play with treat toys? Which are your favourite?

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Friday 8th of March 2013

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