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Felix, You’re A Hairy Beast: A Furminator Review

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OK, so y’all know that Felix is a hairy beast, right?

I mean really, look at this boy:
Little. Hairy. Beast.
When you’re as hairy as Felix is, even something as simple as keeping the knots out of your hair can be hard.

He gets all tangled when you even look at him wrong. The WORST is under his arms, where the hair turns into one big hairball, like a ball of yarn. His ears get pretty matty to. Down near the ends,. Mama claims they are knotted in the exact same spots where I chew on them, but this is a slanderous accusation and I am innocent until proven guilty! (the Mama’s Note: No seriously. Look closely at the Felix’s ear’s. See how the right is like an inch and a half shorter than the left? Kolchak chewed the hair until it was a giant spitty knot. I had to trim it off. True Story.)
In our quest to keep the mats at bay, we’ve tried a whole lot of tools. 
Shedding tools and brushes and combs and every kind of dematting tool you can imagine. We’re always looking for a great way to keep the Felix looking good, so we jumped at the chance to try Furminator‘s new line of grooming tools.
It’s pretty cool. They have developed a series of tools designed to work together as a part of a two-step grooming process. They even have a tool on their website where you can tell them about your dog and it will tell you what two tools are best suited for your dog’s size and coat. Neat, huh? We did it for Felix and here is what we got:
the Furminator Slicker Brush & Finishing Comb
The slicker brush kind of rocked my world.
To me, it was absolutely the star of the show. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “It’s a slicker brush? How special can it be?” Pretty darn special, actually. It’s flexible. Yeah, cool right? The brush is split into two sections and each flexes on it’s own.
Totally cool right? 
I’ve never been a fan of traditional slicker brushes. They are so still and those bristle look totally uncomfortable, but the Furminator has solved that problem. The two sides of the brush bend and flex tracing the curves of your dogs body, brushing out the knots and extra hair, without hurting. Felix won’t let me touch him with a regular slicker brush, but he sat for this one with minimal fuss. (He wasn’t thrilled, but he didn’t try to bolt as soon as it touched his fur, which is a big improvement.) It’s also dual-sided, with a curved bristles on one side and a straight on the other. The curved side is great for brushing out tangles and knots, while the straight side is good for a quick tidy up.
The finishing comb was great at helping to break up the small surface mats that pop up between grooming.
(AKA every woofing day at Casa de Kolchak) Felix gets a lot of tiny mats that aren’t too serious, but annoying nonetheless. The thin pins were easy to work into mats, so I could gently pull them apart and the rounded tips made me feel better that I wasn’t going to accidentally stab him. It’s also handy fr a quick tidy up when Felix isn’t tangled or anything. It’s great for first thing in the morning when Felix gets a little messy. the Felix gets wicked bedhead.
We really liked using the Furminator tools. 
The ergonomic handles made the easy for me to handle, but the fact that they were gentle on Felix was the really great part. Even though I can’t speak to the effectiveness of any of the other tools, if they work as well as the Slicker Brush & Finishing comb do, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for great at home grooming tool.

The have a cool curry comb for short haired dogs that I bet works like a harm! We use something similar for our horses and I am always amazed at how much hair comes off! We might get one for Koly!

If you’re interested in checking out a few Furminator tools for your dog, then click here to find out what tools are recommend for you
Thank you Furminator for letting us try your new tools! We ♥ love ♥ the slicker brush and he comb is pretty cool too.
FULL DISCLOSURE: Furminator provided us with one of their Small Firm Slicker Brushes and a Small Finishing Comb in exchange for our 100% honest opinion. We received no other form of compensation. We here at Kol’s Notes pride ourselves on only recommending products that we truly believe in and will use on our own dogs. All opinions are our 100% true account of the tools being reviewed.
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