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Review My Birthday: I’m Puzzled

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It’s kind of a Casa de Kolchak tradition that I get a puzzle toy for every birthday.It all started with my “0 years old” birthday when the Mama got me a Kong. She said I was “squirrelly” and needed something to help my itchy puppy teeth work out their aggressions.

For my first birthday, I got one of those treat balls that you have to roll around to get the snacks out of. I was a pro at that one.

Over the years, I’ve had a few puzzles.

Five, to be exact. Last year I got the holy grail of all puzzles: a Nina Ottosan Doggy Casino. It’s the bees knees. It’s a real challenge and even a year later, it keeps me busy for quite some time.

When the Mama found a puzzle toy on sale at the Ross, she couldn’t resist.



It was cheap. Really cheap. Like $10 cheap. She wanted to know if after having the Cadillac of puzzles, could we go back to the basic ones and still have a good time?

The answer was…kind of.

It definitely wasn’t a 40 minute long, brain teasing, woof at the puzzle good time, but I was interested. In fact, I’m still interested. I’m intrigued by what it might have in it and I want to learn more. It will never be the puzzle that the Mama chooses to really challenge me, but it wll be great for learning new smells and Nosework scents!

All in all, it gets three paws out of five.

Hey Mama? Maybe you’ll get me another good puzzle at Blogpaws, eh?

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