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Sports That Have Gone to the Dogs

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I gotta tell you, there is some cool stuff for dog to do out there.

Some really cool stuff. Forget Baseball or hockey, there is an entire world of sports out there that have gone to the dogs.Every doggy knows about cool dog spots like agility or flyball, but those aren’t the only sports you can play with your dog.

For example, have you heard of Belly Ball?

It’s like part rugby, part soccer & part basketball. The whole idea is to score points by getting the ball through your dog’s legs and under his belly. It looks totally awesome. Well, totally awesome if you’re perhaps just a titch taller than me. I’m only knee-high to a pig’s eye. I’m pretty sure you can’t get a basketball under me!

What about dock diving? Ever heard of that one?

In this game, dogs have to leap off a dock into a pool, trying to jump the highest or the longest. It looks wet. I don’t think I’d care for it, to be honest. I hate the water. If you think it would be your kind of thing, head over to Peggy’s Pet Place. She’s woofing all about dock diving today.

Disc dogs is for all you pups that love a frisbee.

Part frisbee, part freestyle tricks this game s bound to impress humans of all ages. It’s fancy as woof,  mean, look at these dogs!

And what about Treiball?

Treiiball is a positive-reinforcement sport, where your dog has to get 8 giant exercise balls into a goal. It’s totally awesome. Mama and I play it n the yard sometimes. Nothing fancy and ‘m sure we’re breaking about a thousand rules, but there is something so satisfying about playing with a giant ball.

That’s only a few! 

There are so many dog sports these days,  mean look at them all~! I never knew there were so many ways you get get active with your dog!

We want to hear from you! What’s your favourite dog sport?

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