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Tasty Tuesday: This toy is A-mazee-ing

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So, I think we’ve mentioned about 86 thousand times that we LOVE treat toys at Casa de Kolchak.

Back in the day, when Kolchak was a kibble gulper, they really saved our bacon. Using a puzzle toy seriously slows down food gulpers and it was our go to way to serve meals.These days, we don’t use them to keep the puggle from inhaling his food, but we do still use them as a way to keep him entertained, to help him work his mind and because they are just good, clean fun. Beagles are hunting animals and I know that sometimes, Kolchak must be a tad bored with his lazy city-dog life. Dog treat puzzle toys give him the chance to work on a problem and earn a reward, without me having to be actively engaged in the game, so for us, it’s a win/win scenario. Kol has fun, I get some work done. Kol loves getting new puzzle toys, so we jumped at the chance to try the new Orbee-Tuff Mazee toy.
**We received the Mazee free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion.**

We’ve never seen anything like it! 
As soon as we unpacked it, we knew this toy was going to fun. I was sure Kolchak was going to like it because it was part treat ball, part puzzle. Koly loves his treat balls, but frankly, they’re way to easy. He only gets a treat ball when I  want to pick it up and refill i every 36 seconds. Nowadays, my smart as a whip puggle really needs a puzzle toy, so that he has to work for it. The Mazee combines the best of two worlds. The outside is a 6″ (ish) clear flexible ball, which means you can see the snacks shaking around inside as you roll it around. Inside the ball, that’s where the magic happens. There is a plastic insert the forces the treats go around corners in order to escape the maze and fall out of the toy. The Maze is hard enough to make it interesting (with the right treats in it) and easy enough to keep your pup coming back for more.
Kolchak could barely contain himself long enough to wait for me to fill the toy.
Quit rambling Mama. I want to play.
I didn’t want Kol to get frustrated, so to start, I filled it with chunks of chicken chewy. Small, nice and easy to get out. Tasty, but not too challenging.
I tossed it on the lawn to see if the dogs would be interested.
Hmmm…It smells like fun.
Koly quickly got in the game batting the toy all over the yard. He emptied it of the treats in about 2 minutes, so I upgraded him to the tasty treats that Planet Dog sent us with the toy.
These Planet Dog eats bone shaped treats fit into the Mazee perfectly, bit they’re just a little bit harder to get out. Koly & Fe aren’t allowed to have many treats with grain in them, but I figured this was a special occasion. How often does Koly get a toy he loves this much??
With any treat toy, the real test is always the Felix.
Felix loves his stuffed toys, but that boy is not overly food motivated. Sometimes I find that he isn’t very into food or treat dispensing toys. When we find something he actually plays with we know it’s got to be pretty darn awesome.
Felix is a big fan of the Orbee Tuff Mazee.
Hmmmm, so you just roll it and treats fall out, eh? That’s pretty cool.
Felix played with it for 23 minutes! That’s about 22 minutes longer than he plays with any of the other balls in our house. Frankly, balls aren’t his thing, but apparently balls with a puzzle inside filled to the brim with treats is a bit more alluring.
The dogs clearly loved the Mazee.
They kept coming back for more, working hard (and more amazingly working together) to get every last treat out. If I hadn’t been so intent on getting a couple pictures, I easily could have gotten a bit of work done while they were focused on their fun new toy. (Kol’s Note: Even though Felix and I are not toy destroyers anymore, the Mama was sure to keep an eye on us. The Mazee is primarily a puzzle toy, so it’s not meant to be chewed unlike some other Orbee Tuff products.)
I liked it because I knew it was a toy I could trust. 
Back during his itchy teeth, puppy days the Orbee Tuff toys were among the few toys that survived. Plus, I love that a lot of the Orbee Tuff Toys, including the Mazee, are made in the US. Plus, Planet Dog gives 2% of every sale to the Planet Dog Foundation, a not-for-profit helping dogs and people work together for a better life.
We can wait to experiment with all the things we can fill it with.
Mama says I can have lean & green treats in it tomorrow. Those green beans are awfully tasty, plus their waistline friendly.
What do you think we should try stuffing the Mazee with?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.