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DIY Dog Walking “Grippy” Gloves

DIY Dog Walking “Grippy” Gloves

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A few weeks ago, I shared our tips for cold weather dog walking.

One of the things I recommended was get a pair of Grippy Gloves. I hate it when you’re all warm and some dog uses the bathroom. I hate pulling off my gloves to try to get a pick up bag out.

Sure, you could get an expensive pair of Northface ETIP Gloves, with the sticky fingers, but let’s face it. I am WAY TOO cheap for that. I’m sure the gloves are lovely and cozy and I bet they work great, but $50 is a tad steep for something I’m just going to loose in a week anyways. You know what I mean.

Grippy Gloves are my solution.

The winter’s here in BC are pretty mild, so a cheap pair of dollar store gloves are more than adequate for me, but you could use this trick on any pair of gloves you like. This is a great project for those tiny humans in your life!

DIY Dog Walking Grippy GlovesHere’s what you need:

1 pair of gloves

1 bottle of puffy fabric paint

Are you ready? This is SO EASY!
Shake the paint to ensure it is well mixed. Squeeze a small circle of paint onto the tip of each finger with puff paint. Set gloves aside to dry, up to 24 hours.
If desired, flip gloves and paint a design on the other side. Let dry.
That’s it!
It’s just that easy to make Homemade “Grippy Gloves” to make your winter dog walking easier!
What simple things do you do to help make life with dogs a breeze?


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