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Baby It’s Cold Outside: Warm, Flavoured Water for Dogs

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Warm, Flavoured Water for Dogs

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It has been chilly at Casa de Kolchak.

We’ve been doing a whole lot of shivering. Every time we go out, we bundle up. He he he, oh wow you guys. You should see the Mama in her big coat! If the Michelin Man and a bag of cotton candy had a love child, it would look like Mama in that coat. As if she wasn’t clumsy enough, rain proof boots and gloves make her pretty much incapable of walking without tripping or picking something up without dropping it.

Just who do these humans think they are anyways? Such babies! Not us dogs, no matter what the weather we’re out there, doing our business. You know why? We have no woofing choice! You selfish humans seem to think you’ve corners the market on indoor potties. It’s RUDE. Do you think I want that cold air on my potty region? WOOF NO.

Mama does try to make it up to us though.

After a chilly walk, we snuggle up with plush, fleecey blankies and Mama has a hot cup of tea and sometimes, just sometimes, if we’re lucky? Mama will make us a warm bowl of tasty water to slurp up.

It’s super easy!

  1. Gently heat a small amount of water. You want it luke warm to warm, NOT hot. 
  2. Flavour the water with something delicious. We’ve got all sorts of tasty ideas on our DIY Flavoured Water for Dogs post.
  3. Serve!

After all, even a pup likes a warm drink on a cold day!


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Thursday 16th of January 2014

What a great idea!

Jessica Sala

Friday 10th of January 2014

Totally going to try this for my poor freezing FL dogs that now live in CT!

Dory and the Mama

Thursday 9th of January 2014

OMD...we are going to have a talk with our Mama about making us some of this nommy stuff!!

Smileys! Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo


Thursday 9th of January 2014

I think peanut butter powder or liver powder would be awesome! You were right about me stopping by today. Good idea! As long as Mom can keep an eye on Bailie if she likes it and drinks a lot we are set. She is pretty good about peeing outside, but if she drinks a ton because it tastes good, it could be trouble! Thanks for the idea!


Thursday 9th of January 2014

We haven't done that in a while! Thanks for the reminder!

And I see we have the same feelings about going outside in this cold weather.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.