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April Fool’s Day Pranks for Dog Lovers

April Fool’s Day Pranks for Dog Lovers

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Do your family and friends think you’re kind of a “Crazy Dog Person”? Have a bit of fun at their expense with these simple and silly April Fool’s Day Pranks for Dog Lovers.

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When you spend as much time as I do talking about dogs, your friends, family and co-workers can start to think you might be a bit of a “Crazy Dog Lady”.

I’ve totally embraced it. I can’t think of anything better to be crazy about than dogs. Still, this year, I’ve decided to use that “dog crazy” image to my advantage and pull just a few pranks with a dog lover spin.

April Fool’s Day Pranks for Dog Lovers

  • 1. Are these dog treats or people treats? I’m a dog treat baker and sometimes my dog treats apparently look too good. One thing I get asked all the time is if things are dog treats or people treats. Keep ’em guessing by baking up a batch of sugar cookies in a …curious… shape. I made this batch of dog bones to take to work. I wonder is anyone will try them?

april fools day pranks for dog lovers dog bones

  • 2. Serve up some Scooby Snacks – A bowl of chocolate covered raisins and nuts look suspiciously like a bowl of kibble…doesn’t it? Sit a bowl of this on the corner of your desk and see how many takers you get. (Just make sure you keep it well away from any canine friends, as always, chocolate and raisins are both toxic to dogs.)

April Fool's Day Pranks for Dog Lovers Chocolate Raisins in a kibble bowl

  • 3. This gives a whole new meaning to “poopsicle”. Someone did this to me when I was a kid and I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten over it. Did you know Tootsie Rolls can be molded to create an edible dog poop? Yeah, I bet you were happier before you knew that, but it’s totally true and totally gross. Want to make your friends gag? Bend down like you’re picking up a poop and instead, pop one of these into your mouth. You can even offer them a piece. Guaranteed gross out. Bonus points: Make this Kitty Litter Cake from Noble Pig. (While you’re there, check out her April Fool’s Day food ideas and dill pickle soup. It rocks my world.)
tootsie roll poops Noble Pig

Photo Credit: Noble Pig

  • 4. Looks Who’s Talking. Ohmiwoof, I laughed myself silly at this video and I have an overwhelming urge to pop my iPhone in Kol’s back pack pocket, call him and put myself on speaker phone then freak out my friends.

  • 5. Convince them you’ve bought a Toshiba Pet Book. Ohmiwoof, I’m laughing because this is something I totally would do. Can you imagine how great it would be if this was an actual thing? Kol could finally do his own work! It’s a pet blogger’s dream. Hat’s off to Toshiba for this one. Show your friends the PetBook page on the official Toshiba website to make this feel totally legit.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 1.25.01 PM

  • 6. Do you have a loved one celebrating an April Fool’s Day birthday, wedding anniversary or baby shower? The Pet Sweep is the perfect gift. Who doesn’t  want a set of microfiber shams for their dog to wear like shoes? I mean, this is the gift that keep on giving! Too bad, it’s not a real thing. This ridiculous gift box is the perfect way to prank anyone getting a gift on April Fool’s Day. Simply pack the real gift inside, wrap and gift, then wait for the stunned look and awkward thanks yous. Classic.

Get the Pet Sweep on Amazon <–affiliate link

Looking for ways to prank your dog? I’m pretty sure Kol would hate me forever if I tried even one of these canine-friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks from the BarkPost.

Are you planning any pranks this April Fool’s Day? What are you doing?

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Elyse and Riley

Monday 31st of March 2014

Dang, I don't want an empty "Pet Sweep" box...I need the real thing! I can imagine how much simpler my life would be! If only I could attach a vacuum hose to Riley's tail, then I'd really be in business!!!


Monday 31st of March 2014

Brilliant. Never been a huge fan of April Fools jokes (as I am usually the fool not the one pulling the prank ;) but these were wonderful. LOVE the laptop. Well done, Toshiba. And Jodi and Kol and Fe Diddy.


Monday 31st of March 2014

I love the chocolate covered raisins in the dog bowl. Reminds me of an ex co-worker whose daughter worked for Pfizer, she gave him a candy container with the Viagra logo on it and it was full of blue M&M's. He got a kick throwing a handful in his mouth when female co-workers stopped to chat. :-)


Sunday 30th of March 2014

Hahahaha! Loved the kitty litter cake, that is fantastic. I am not a huge pranker because mostly it takes too much work to pull them off right. But I can definitely appreciate the art form and think these ideas are brilliant.

That being said, I am majorly disappointed the petbook isn't a real thing in the world.


Saturday 29th of March 2014

Oh boy, Mom loves practical jokes! Some pawsome ones here!

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