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Dog Lovers: May the Fourth Be With You

Dog Lovers: May the Fourth Be With You

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Y’all, I’m a giant nerd.

I’ve tried to hide it from you guys and I’d like to believe I’ve done a pretty good job, (Shhhh! Let me have this one! I’ve done a pretty good job) but the truth is: I am a really big, giant and enthusiastic dork and like all the awesome people who are unapologetically nerdy, today I celebrate.

May the Fourth Be With You.


Credit: | dinomite33

He he he…get it? GET IT? It’s a pun. It’s punny… You’re all rolling your eyes at me, aren’t you? Whatever, I warned you I wasn’t cool. And, like any self respecting geek, I love to geek out my pets. So, to celebrate this fun and silly holiday, we’re kicking back, watching the BEST Star Wars movie and sharing some of the coolest finds for dog lovin’ Star Wars fans.

Grain-Free Star Wars Peanut Butter Organic Dog Treats
from PawbabyBiscuits

These handmade, organic peanut butter dog treats are made with freshly hand milled organic Garbanzo Flour, Natural Peanut Butter, Filtered Water, and Natural Food Colour. If you don’t want to bake dog treats at home, these look like the next best thing.

Star Wars Inspired Family Car Decals
from Epic Family Decals


I know that you’re supposed to like “root for the good guy” and all the jazz, but I’m kind of intrigued by the Stormtroopers. Who are they under those masks? Is there like a “Bill from Accounting” or “Jake from Maintenance”? How exactly does one get into Stormtrooper work and like…ARE THERE Stormtrooper dogs?!

Star Wars Dog Jacket
from Karis Fancy Pups


I’ve always wanted a smokin’ cool Storm Trooper costume for my dogs, but I’ve never actually done anything about it. It’s probably a hundred times easier to make them wear a Star Wars jacket and these ones are pretty darn cute.

Yoda Dog Hat
from Handmade Monster


That is all.

BB-8 Clip on Bow Tie

from the Ruby Pig

Another thing that I love to nerd out over? Dogs in bow ties? THEY LOOK SO DAPPER! Kol looks amazing in a bow tie and I am in love with that roly poly droid. How long, do you think, until I can get a full size one of those to just kick it around my house? Do you think I can train him to take care of me, like Rosie the Robot?

Rebel Alliance Dog Tags

from iHeartPets


Kolchak would make an amazing rebel, am I right? He totally would. These metal and resin tags are made to order by hand and perfect for your rule breaking pooch.

Darth Vader Pug Tank Top

from Peachy Keen Pets

I need this. Oh man, I need it so bad. Every time I see this tank top, I love it a little more.

Boba Fett Pug Greeting Card

from Genefy Prints

This handmade card with a pop out pug in a BOBA FETT HELMET is awesome and makes me want to send someone some snail mail. Where do you even buy a stamp these days?

Dachshund Jedi Dog Art Print
by Rubenacker

Created, designed and painted by the artist Brian Rubenacker, this print perfectly demonstrates what Kolchak would do if he ever learned how to use the force. It’s probably best that he never, ever figure it out.

R2D2 Dog Hoodie

From Petco


Um… does this come in a matching Human Hoodie? ‘Cause I would totes wear that and put my dogs in that and rock it around town in matching hoodies. (This is why I am a self professed Crazy Dog Lady.)

Star Wars Dog Collars
from Polka Dot Tails


I want the helmet one! And the Death Star one! And the R2D2 one! OK, I want them all. All of them.I have a bit of a collar obsession, apparently.

OK folks, chime in: link up your favourite nerdy Star Wars / Dog things in the comments or tell me which movie os your favourite. Go!

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Momma Dog

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

I like the R2D2 one :) I have an english cream golden retriever and I'm sure the color and design will be perfect for her. :)


Wednesday 4th of May 2016

My mom has never liked Star Wars. She had to see the original movie once when it came out, but that was it. Not a fan. We do think the cookies are super cute though. Good cookies can be for any theme if you ask me!

M. K. Clinton

Wednesday 4th of May 2016

My daughter would LOVE all of these things for her dog. She is a MAJOR Star Wars fan.

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