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How to Throw A Thug Wife Pug Life Wedding Shower

How to Throw A Thug Wife Pug Life Wedding Shower

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It started as a joke.

When we were talking about what to do for my baby sister’s wedding shower, I said to my Mom offhand, NEVER thinking she would believe me that I was planning a Thug Wife Pug Life wedding shower. I mean seriously, CAN YOU IMAGINE? The idea was LUDICROUS. I made this and sent it to my Mom because, if we’re being honest, if there’s one thing I’m good it it’s taking a really elaborate joke TOO FAR.

Edited to remove a thousand or so details that encourage internet stalkers to show up at my house 😉


A Thug Wife Pug Life Wedding shower this is RIDICULOUS.

But it is also…really, really Rissy. The more the bridesmaids and I people got in on the joke, the more we started thinking about what a fabulous idea it might be. The only problem? As far as I can tell? It’s never been done before.


Etsy is my GO TO spot for party planning. There are a squillion or so shops over there that specialize in party printables. <–affiliate link. I searched and search but I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I decided that if I was going to throw this shower right I was going to have to create the printables myself. So I did.

A great wedding shower is all about the details.

Well, that’s a straight up lie. A great wedding shower is all about the food and the booze, but the details are what takes it from a fun shin dig to a THEME party. I set out to make this wedding shower as thugged up and pugged out as I possibly could, adding touches of my sister’s favourite things to create something perfectly her.

Caesars. Candy cups. Dogs. AND BRUNCH.

My sister is a bit of a *fiend* when it comes to the classic Canadian Caesar (think Bloody Mary only 1000x better) and it was the one thing we knew we had to have. One of the bridesmaid took charge and put together a BOSS DIY Caesar Bar featuring three kinds of hot sauce, horse radish wasabi, pickles, hot peppers, olives, pepperoni, cheese and pickled beans (which are Rissy’s FAV). Hot tip? A splash of pickle brine is the secret to the perfect caesar.

The food was to die for. We are lucky to have more than a few amazing cooks in our family, but we decided to keep it simple: Yogurt Bar, Crockpot French Toast, Baked Ham & Egg Cups, Hashbrown muffins, Bagel Bar, a glorious fruit & spinach salad and an assortment of fresh baked goods. None of it required us to cook during the party and it was all really tasty.

Cupcakes made by the Awesome Sugar Flour Bake Shoppe in Surrey, BC. Find ’em on the Facebook.

Normally, I’d be down to bake for a fancy pants party, but with the shower being the weekend right after BlogPaws? I was at negative time. Luckily, there’s an awesome bakery in our area that not only accommodated my order at the last minute, perfectly tied in her delicious cupcakes to our our colour scheme. These were filled with a delicious caramel goo and I wanted like a half dozen of them all to myself.

Thug Wife Pug Life Wedding Shower Decor

OK, I AM MORTIFIED over this one. Like why didn’t anyone CALL ME OUT ON THIS? *sigh* If this is the worst thing that went wrong, I’ll survive, I GUESS. But I want like cool points for being brave enough to not photoshop this stupidity out, mkay?


In our family, it’s just not a special occasion unless there is a candy cup involved and it JUST HAPPENED that Candy Cups were on sale that week. There is something incredibly freeing and totally gratifying about ordering so many candy cups the cashier gives you side eye. LADY, you odn’t know me. You don’t know my life. I need these these candy cups for REASONS.

My fav part of the candy cup display was LEGIT the stuffed pugs. I’d been looking everywhere for them for WEEKS and randomly stumbled across these Beany Babies in the Party City of all places. They were the last two and I nearly had to cut a child to keep them, but once I ties on their bandanas and put their ring bling on, I was a goner. Left pug now lives in my craft room and is the unofficial mascot of drunk crafting.



Any event where I can hang a banner that makes my Grandmother shake her head in a mix of disbelief, amusement and barely contained shame is a good one and I’m still seriously considering locations in my apartment that our brunch banner can live permanently. The mimosa bar was nothing short of GLORIOUS and I need more reasons to have 50 or so of my besties over to drink bubbly and eat french toast.


I think the blushing bride had a great time and the chance to take a breather from the frantic crush of wedding planning and indulge in a bit of day drinking was genuinely appreciated. We had a great time. One of my fellow maids planned the silliest game where we made toilet paper dresses and A: it was so much fun and B: Never under-estimate the creative fashions a room full of tipsy women can create.

Since this whole party was created just for my sister, the printables are a Kol’s Notes exclusive.

I mean, I worked like a dog on them, you guys might as well benefit from my efforts right? The set contains nearly everything you need to throw your very own Thug Wife Pug Life Theme Party. The full set of printables, featuring Pug-a-Licious art from Irrational Arts on Etsy,  includes:

  • the Invitation
  • Pug Straw toppers
  • Wedding Ring Name Tags for wine stems
  • Ring Labels for solo cups
  • Templates to make our “Brunch without Booze” banner
  • Thug Wife & Pug Life Flower Picks
  • Thug Wife & Pug Life cupcake toppers
  • Caesar Menu & Ingredient labels
  • Mimosa Menu & Ingredient menus
  • Buffet cards
  • 6 Brunch signs
  • 3 Game Cards (Purse dump, Bride Trivia and “guess how many” entry slips

It can be totally personalized to your bride or I can send it blank, so you can fill in the details yourself with chalk marker. For those who are spoiled by having a Silhouette cutting machine, there are “black out” versions of the PDF with registration marks for easy cutting.

I’m selling the whole set for $25US unpersonalized or $35 personalized.

If you’re interested in purchasing the full set, cut, printed and ready to use, please ask for a quote.



Have you ever planned a wedding shower? What was the theme?

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Tenacious Little Terrier

Friday 16th of June 2017

You plan the best events! Love the decorations and the food. Is this what you were asking about frosting on cupcakes for?


Monday 19th of June 2017

It's NOT actually, lol! I helped out at a shelter fundraiser the following week and the laziness got me. In the end, I totes frosted those cupcakes though and they turned out delish.


Friday 16th of June 2017

I love it! I think it is awesome that you resisted the urge to photoshop your sign. Give us mortals a chance to realize that even super talented creatives make mistakes occasionally. I love the brunch without booze sign.

I can't wait to see what you come up with for Bruce Wayne's Unbirthday!


Monday 12th of June 2017

I love this so hard.


Friday 16th of June 2017

Thank youuuuuuu! We had so much fun with it.

Jodi Stone

Monday 12th of June 2017

I thought it was just the Canadian way of spelling take...sort of your taek on colour...

And I'm so on board for making that top 50 list. :-) Also, please share the recipe for French toast in the crockpot! Is this another Canadian thing, like Poutine?


Friday 16th of June 2017

It's so not a Canadian thing. Just a "tasty" thing. I'll facebook it to you <3

Meesha and Bruce Wayne

Sunday 11th of June 2017

Love this so much! You and I are definitely on the same page about Brunch.... drinks are a must! :-)

I would love to get with you and see what you could possibly come up with for Bruce Wayne's upcoming party. He turned 3 in February, but had some medical issues so I wasn't able to throw him a big birthday party, so I figured I'd throw him a halfway birthday, birthday party. Sounds ridiculous, right?! LOL. I figured with the name of Bruce Wayne, you have to go big or go home. Please email me if you are up for the challenge. I love supporting fellow small businesses, influencers and bloggers! :-)


Sunday 11th of June 2017

Yes! An UN-Birthday! I absolutely ADORE it. Bruce Wayne is kind of a big deal, so he totally NEEDS a rockstar party. I'll send you a note today and we can brainstorm!

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