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Super Easy Matching DIY Human & Dog Treat Jars

Super Easy Matching DIY Human & Dog Treat Jars

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“Aunty, are these dog treats or are these human treats?”

I laughed so freaking hard when my nephew asked me this. To be fair, around this place that is a totally legitimate question. Most baked goods are, in fact, homemade dog treats. I can understand why the kid was somewhat confused.

Ever since that day, I’ve wanted to make matching Human & Dog Treat jars. I almost didn’t share this one because it’s SO EASY I’m not even sure it counts as a craft. Still, the end result is super cute and I’m so happy with it, so I couldn’t resist sharing this quick and easy project you can totally make at home.

How to Make Matching DIY Human & Dog Treat Jars

Here’s what you need:

– two clear glass jars with airtight lids
– vinyl decals – I cut mine, but you can order your custom decals on amazon
– Rubbing alcohol or alcohol electronics cloths
– Old gift card, credit card etc or a tennis ball (to rub down the vinyl with)

Step one: Get your lettering decals

I’m lucky enough to have my own Silhouette cutting machine, so I was able to choose a font and cut these vinyl decals from Oracal 651 vinyl at home, but I know not everyone has one of these little wonders!

If you don’t have a cutting machine, no problem! There are tons of shops on Amazon and Etsy that will cut vinyl for you. I like these ones.

Step Two:

Thoroughly wash your treat jars and remove all labels.

Once the jar is dry, wipe down the surface with rubbing alcohol. Alcohol will remove any films, chemicals or oils left behind so that the vinyl will adhere to the surface. This step is kind of a big deal, so don’t be tempted to skip it.

Step Three:

Apply the vinyl decal to the jar. It’s actually super easy to do! Your decal will come with a clear film, called transfer tape over the letters on a backing piece – like this!

Just peel the transfer tape away from the backing and the letters will pull off with it.

Place the transfer tape onto your jar and rub over the letters with the old gift card. This is called burnishing and it helps ensure the vinyl letters are well stuck to the jar. If you don’t have a gift card or credit card, in a pinch, I’ve used a tennis ball with great success.

Step Four:

Peel away the transfer tape. If the edges of any letters start to pull up as you remove the clear film, just lay the film back down and rub the letter in place with the card edge again.

Step Five:

Repeat steps 2 – 4 for your second treat jar.

That’s it! You’re done!

Your new human treat & dog treat jars are done and SO cute. To keep these looking fresh, hand wash only and do not soak. Oracal 651 vinyl can be SO durable, but water is it’s undoing!

How do you store your dog’s treats?

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Derek Armstrong

Friday 8th of November 2019

Kolchakpuggle is literally the BEST dog-related community anywhere, I read it every day.

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