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You Lucky Dog

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Let’s face it folks, I am a Lucky Dog.
It’s pretty easy to be Kolchak Puggle. I have been loved, cherished and adored since *literally* the moment I was born. But I know that isn’t always the case. My brother is rescue pup. Late at night, he tells me scary stories about these awful places called “the shelter”. He tells me about pups who go there, hoping for a better life, a family, and for the first time in their lives, maybe a little love. Too many never get that chance. Far, far too many. Felix says I am *just one* slobbery stiletto away from ending up there, but I know that’s not true. Like I said, I am a lucky dog. And so are the dogs at LDR.
A Beacon of Hope
We stumbled across Ashley Owen Hill’s Lucky Dog Rescue Blog a few months ago and immediately we were…
and most of all, inspired.
It only takes a moment of reading one of Ashley’s posts for you to get a glimpse of what a truly amazing person she is. Read a few moments longer and you will feel her passion, her fire and her love for these dogs. Read a whole post or two or three and like me, you will realize that this is what rescue is all about.

“Dogs know when you save them. They just know. And in return, they thank you every day… with a love that will soften your heart, remove your sadness, and change your life. A love that you can’t even imagine… until you experience it… Do your heart a favor. Adopt a rescue dog.” -Lucky Dog Rescue Blog

Ashley Owen Hill‘s life is dedicated to saving dogs that would otherwise have no second chance – the dogs from death row, the bait babies, the ones ripped from their homes due to BSL – pit bulls. Ashley has dedicated her life not only to saving individual dogs, but to helping rehabilitate the image of pit bulls and bully breeds. Everyday, Ashley faces some of the worst of what our society has to offer – horrible stories of indifference, neglect, and worst of all the abuse – and she does it with such grace and humour that I can only watch on in wonder.
The dogs at Lucky Dog Rescue are just that lucky. Ashley saves them, helps them get well, gives them a safe place to go – and best of all she loves them. Read her posts about each individual dog at her rescue and you can tell that she knows each pup, each of their awesome personalities and that she is bonded to every single one. Every night, the luckiest of the lucky dogs gets to go home with Ashley for some extra love and attention and a sleepover at the house –  learning how to be a part of a family and about the joys of a nap on the couch.
Ashley’s Lucky dog rescue is home to a lot of dog’s with some amazing stories, like Junebug – a pup from Alabama who’s family left her chained to the house to brave the horrific storms alone, Noah the bait dog dumped on a Georgia highway emaciated, covered in wounds so infected his head was swollen to twice the normal size and the 6 amazing pitbulls recently forced from their rescue in Mississippi due to Breed-Specific Legislation.
“When I read my blog comments & see, “I started volunteering at my local shelter because of your blog,” I cry tears of joy. That was my goal in starting Lucky Dog Rescue Blog… to urge others to care enough to get involved. Every additional volunteer, means that many more dogs will experience love today. And each one of those comments, honestly makes my dreams come true.”-Ashley Owen Hill
Ashley inspires me every. single. day.
She inspires me to make sure I cherish every moment with my own two goofballs. She inspires me to always be watching for animals in need and to take a stand when I know a dog needs me. She inspires me to make more time in my day and more space in my pocketbook to help animals in need. She inspires me to follow my dreams and be the person my dogs already believe I am. Thank you Ashley. You are so amazing.
And now, while helping so many, Ashley needs our help!
Please please please vote for Ashley and her Lucky Dog Rescue in the America’s Favourite Shelter Challenge. Cares2 is giving away $15 000 to one lucky rescue,  and a bunch of other great prizes. Come on….click it! Click the link…you know you want to. It will feel SO GOOD. Since you can only vote once, it will only take a moment. Help Ashley help these amazing dogs – all it takes is a click.
For all those bloggers out there – if you would be so helpful, you could make a word of difference in helping to spread the word. I invite you, no I encourage you! to write a post of your own or to go right ahead and copy my post word for word and repost it on your blog. If you do, please make sure you let me know by posting your link below – I would SO APPRECIATE your support of this amazing rescue run by an even more amazing person.
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