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Write Your Dog’s Story

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the Mama seems to have forgotten that she has two really cute doggies just waiting for her to give up on this ridiculous “vacation” of hers and just come home already. Since she has abandoned her responsibilities, we’ve been lucky to have some great Blogger friends share some Guest Posts with us. Today’s post comes from Peggy Frezon, author and dog lover extraordinaire.
Your dog is cute. Your dog is smart. Your dog is special. Maybe you should write a book about him!

There are many reasons why you might want to tell your dog’s story. His tale is inspiring. Or funny. Or unique. She’s done something amazing. You’ve made an important personal discovery through your dog. I write about my dogs for blogs, books, Chicken Soup for the Soul and several magazines. I’m truly lucky that I can combine my full-time work with my love of animals. Every day my rescue dogs—spaniel-mix Kelly and golden retriever Brooks– hang around my desk, inspiring me (and more often than not, distracting me!). If you’re interested in writing about your dogs, here are some tips:
1.        Think Small
Unless you have a compelling and expansive saga, don’t try to tell your dog’s whole life story. Think of a particular day or incident that has meaning for you. Find a theme or thread that makes your tale unique.
2.      Show Don’t Tell
If you write at all, this mantra is familiar to you. Imagine your story as if you were watching a movie. Don’t just write, “Buster and I went for a walk.” Show us—how did Buster react when you clipped on the leash, opened the door? Did you stroll side by side or did he pull you down the street? Was the pace comfortable for you or did you rush past the scenery along the way?
3.       Remember the Five Senses
Help the reader to see your dog’s cocked ears. To smell his wet fur after he comes inside on a rainy day. To hear the distinct sound of her bark. Don’t forget taste and touch too.
4.      Consider Tone
Keep the tone of your story consistent. If your dog is a clown, make your writing light to match your dog’s personality. If you are telling a breezy tale, don’t weigh it down with heavy exposition. 

5.      Make an Emotional Connection 
The best stories make us say, “Hey! That’s my story too!” Don’t be afraid to get real, and to admit your faults. People have flaws. People hurt. People care. That is how others will relate.
So what are you waiting for? You’ll find that writing with your best friend by your side is part of the reward!
Want to learn more? Catch up over at Peggy’s Pet Place and learn some tips on how to submit your dog’sstory for publication!


Peggy Frezon, freelance writer and pet lover, has owned dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs, turtles and fish. Check out her books Dieting With My Dog & Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw, then check out her blog!

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Misty Mason

Monday 10th of October 2022

I have a sweet dog named Lucy and she is a wonderful girl. She loves chasing squirrels and playing with the neighbor dogs along the back fence. Her favorite activity is playing fetch and cuddling with me. She's also very protective of me when we re around other people or dogs. I want to share her story. Any tips on how i can get started would be appreciated. Thank you!

Jodi & Kolchak

Sunday 16th of October 2022

Just start! You're never going to get it perfect right out the gate :) I'd recommend starting with social media- like instagram if you love pictures or Tik Tok if you love video or Facebook if that's where you're most comfortable and start sharing. You can then interact with other pet accounts and getting to know people in a similar niche. If you want a website, there are lots of free options - like to get you started! Let me know what you start with so I can follow!

Jodi & Kolchak

Sunday 13th of February 2022

hi my name is candace DeFeo and i had a golden retriever shepherd mix we had her at 3 months old she was rescue by us from abused man the family that had her gave her up to save her she had a kind soul she was very sick. she died this year of old age she was 119 years old in dog years human years she was 17 years old February 11, 2022 RIP Harley Grey- DeFeo p.s. she was always hunting birds in the back of our house she would eat the cat's food and drink out of the toilet she would tell us where she needs bathroom or food, she was a very good dog it's been 3 days and i miss her


Sunday 20th of February 2022

I am so sorry for your loss. Its so hard when it's time to say good bye to our best dogs <3 Harley sounds like such an amazing girl. 17 is a wonderful old age and I'm sure the years were fulled with many happy memories, good times and lots of love <3

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